Rahul Gandhi attacks BJP over rising petrol prices, says govt not willing to bring fuel under GST

The Congres chief alleged that the Modi govt is not interested in bringing fuel under the GST.

Rahul Gandhi attacks BJP over rising petrol prices, says govt not willing to bring fuel under GST

MUMBAI: Congress president Rahul Gandhi has made yet another scathing attack on the Narendra Modi government at the Centre over rising petrol prices, which, he said, has increased the burden on the common man.

''The petrol prices are burdening the common man, we had asked for fuel to be brought under GST but the Modi Govt is not interested,'' Rahul Gandhi said.

Training his guns as the BJP-led NDA regime, the Gandhi scion said, ''today, the whole nation is united against the RSS and the BJP.''

Replying to a question on the possibility of a Grand Alliance to take on the mighty BJP,  the Congress chief said that '''Mahagathbandhan' is a sentiment in people and not just politics.''

The Gandhi scion has in recent past attacked the Modi government over rising fuel prices and among other issues including the farmers' agitation etc.

Targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the oil firms announced a cut of 1 paisa in petrol and diesel prices, Rahul Gandhi had called the move “childish and in poor taste”. 

The Congress president even took to micro-blogging site Twitter to attack the Prime Minister over the move.

“Dear PM, You've cut the price of Petrol and Diesel today by 1 paisa. ONE paisa!?? If this is your idea of a prank, it’s childish and in poor taste. P.S. A ONE paisa cut is not a suitable response to the #FuelChallenge I threw you last week,” he had tweeted. 

The attack by the Gandhi scion on the Prime Minister came after the Indian Oil Corporation clarified on the rate cut. 

Last week, the IOC announced a price cut of 60 paise per litre in petrol and 56 paise per litre in diesel, but later clarified that the fuel prices had been reduced merely by 1 paisa per litre. 

The Indian Oil Corporation blamed clerical error for the confusion.

On May 24, the Congress chief had thrown a fuel challenge to Prime Minister Modi. 

He had challenged the Prime Minister to reduce fuel prices, just as he accepted the fitness challenge by Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli.

He had tweeted, “Dear PM, Glad to see you accept the @imVkohli fitness challenge. Here’s one from me: Reduce Fuel prices or the Congress will do a nationwide agitation and force you to do so. I look forward to your response. #FuelChallenge.”

The reduction was announced after 16 consecutive price hike since May 14 when fuel retailers ended a 19-day pre-Karnataka poll hiatus to pass on a spike in global oil rates.