Even Pakistan didn't question our forces like Congress did: Keshav Prasad Maurya

"The country believes the armed forces but there are some leaders who do not trust them," says Keshav Prasad Maurya at Zee News' India Ka DNA conclave.

New Delhi: BJP's Keshav Prasad Maurya on Monday slammed the Congress for doubting the Indian Air Force's strikes in Balakot and said that even Pakistan had not questioned the way some Indian political leaders did.

Speaking at Zee News' India Ka DNA conclave, Maurya accused Congress of playing politics over India's national security. "An adviser to the Congress leadership has spoken and questioned our armed forces. Even Pakistani leaders have not spoken like this but Congress and Samajwadi leaders have made such statements," said the deputy CM of Uttar Pradesh. "The country believes the armed forces but there are some leaders who do not trust them."

Expressing confidence that voters will once again show Congress the door, Maurya claimed that BJP's position of strength currently is even better than it was five years ago. "Congress, SP and BSP have joined hands in UP but it will not succeed. We (BJP) are in a better position in 2019 than we were in 2014. SP-BSP is not gathbandhan but thagbandhan. They do not want a strong government but the country wants a strong government under the leadership of Narendra Modi," he said.

Maurya also targeted Congress for claiming to be pro-poor. "Congress is in the habit of making fun of the poor. In 2014, they joked about Modiji's chaiwala origin. Now they are using very crude language about chowkidars and saying chowkidar is chor," he said.

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