Loneliness increases risk of heart diseases

Zee Media Bureau

It's a universal fact that human beings are social animals. We all need an intimacy to be with each other. We are highly interactive and love to socialize.

On the other side loneliness increases the risk of premature deaths.

According to a latest research people who are lonely and isolated are at a greater risk of heart diseases.

Researchers revealed that poor social relationships, social isolation and loneliness can lead to premature deaths.

The findings from the universities of York, Liverpool and Newcastle linked loneliness and social isolation to a 30 percent increase in the risk of having a stroke or coronary artery disease.

In findings which compared the effects of loneliness with recognized risk factors, such as anxiety and a stressful job, researchers said that their analysis backed up public health concerns about the importance of social contacts for health and wellbeing.

The researchers stated that the work suggests that addressing loneliness and social isolation may have an important role in the prevention of two of the leading causes of morbidity in high-income countries.

The study appeared in the journal Heart convincingly demonstrates how isolation and loneliness silently trigger life-threatening emergency.