Reasons why people can't gym!

Irengbam Jenny

Many of us think about losing a few kilos while we pretend to be busy working. But only a few lucky ones can actually do it. Sigh! Most of the health freaks get enrolled in a gym but quit mid-way. Reason? Well, there can be plenty. People across all age groups believe in remaining fit and fine these days, but due to many uncalled for reasons are not able to follow the hard-core gyming routine. Today, we list out those reasons which stop you from hitting the gym. So, beware of these, so that you can fit in those perfect pair of jeans you always dreamed of in high-school!

Here are some common reasons of why people can't gym:

Can't stop binging

One cannot control their constant craving for food. Result? Hands go straight to the nearby jar of munchies you keep under yourt desk. Yes, you manage to sneak out on those bingy food items and can't kill your eating habits. Food can be a reason why you cannot gym. Gyming means you have to control your intake on food. If you are a big foodie then this can be a big reason for skipping your excercise classes.

Excessive laziness

Laziness is one of the biggest barriers in losing those extra kilos. It can aslo be one of the reason why people avoid gym. Excessive laziness leads to putting on pounds of weight. So, stop being lazy and get into your gym gear. Start exercising to lead a healthy life.

Work stress

Going to gym and working out can be the best stress reliever. But, if there is immense work pressure then a person may refrain from hitting the gym. After a day of hard work and stress in office, you dont really want to run on that treadmill. Yes, quite true!

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep decreases the energy levels in the body which makes it harder for a person to carry out a good work-out. Sleep deprivation is not good for health and makes less motivated. It also makes you less likely to grab your exercise gear and go to the gym. So one should get a proper sleep in order hit the gym and exercise.

Can I exercise?

First thing which comes to our mind when we think of gyming is whether we will be able to exercise or not. We also tend to think if we would be able to use the equipments properly or not. These thoughts stop us from going to the fitness center, so push them backwards and put on your running shoes. Clock says, run dear run!