Know why bottle gourd is good for health!

Zee Media Bureau/Irengbam Jenny

New Delhi: We all know the healthy benefits of green vegetables. One of them is bottle gourd- which is bottle shaped, light green and long vegetable.

It can be found in various size and shapes and is also full of minerals and water which can fight off many small problems which will keep you healthy.

Here are some reasons why one should include bottle gourd in daily diet:

Good for digestion: The water and fiber content in the vegetables is good for digestion as it makes the digestive system free and active. It also helps in easing the constipation problem.

Weight loss: Bottle gourd juice is good for weight loss because of its high fibre content which will make you full.

Good for heart: The vegetable is good for health as it has zero cholesterol. It also contains rich amount of vitamins like vitamin C and antioxidants which is good of heart.

Reduces stress: High water content in bottle gourd helps in reducing the stress because of its cooling effect on the body.

Helps urinary disorder: Bottle gourd is good for urinary system as the juice from it reduces the burning sensation from high acidic urination. It also reduces the chance of having urinary infection as it alkalizes and has a diuretic effect.