Seven reasons why socks are good for summer season!

Anusha Jain, designer, Bonjour, a multinational socks brand, shares how socks can help during summers

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Mumbai: Socks aren't just for winters, but can be worn in summers as well. Although summer months are extremely hot and humid, putting on a pair of socks isn't a bad idea to maintain hygiene.

And as today's fashion goes bold and crazy, many fashionistas and celebreties have been spotted trying out on different looks, including open footwear and sandals with socks.

Now, this trend has been not just limited to a particular season, but has become a popular fashion throughout the year, as many celebrities and people appear wearing different types of shoes with socks even in spring and summer seasons.

Apart from giving that stylish look, there are many benefits of wearing socks. Anusha Jain, designer, Bonjour, a multinational socks brand, shares how socks can help during summers:

* Socks can prevent your feet from tanning in bright sunny days.

* They will also protect your feet from dust and pollution all day.

* Breathable cotton socks during summers help absorb some of the moisture from your feet, while providing a light weight look and feel.

* In hot and humid days, they prevent sweat from rubbing on to your trousers and keeping you in pristine condition.

* Wear wicking socks when exercising outdoors. Unlike cotton, wicking socks take moisture away from skin and help the skin breathe easier. They allow better health, a better environment.

* Not wearing socks with shoes can easily lead to smelly feet as a lot of sweat will be absorbed by the insoles or the uppers of shoes, causing odour.

* Wearing shoes without socks can harm your feet and cause serious foot problems or infection.

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