Cameron ''huge responsibility'', Frankfurt to benefit from Brexit- Publicis

 Maurice Levy comments on the huge responsibilities that hang on British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Paris: British Prime Minister David Cameron has a `huge responsibility` in the outcome of Britain`s referendum on leaving the European Union and the negotiations following the vote will take years, Publicis Chief Executive Officer Maurice Levy said on Friday.

"David Cameron has a huge responsibility," Levy told Reuters in a telephone interview. "We`re entering unchartered territory. It`s a wake-up call," he said, calling for other European top leaders in France, Germany and Italy to build a "more cohesive" European Union.

The CEO of the world`s third-largest advertising company predicted that the city of Frankfurt in Germany would probably benefit from the British vote as a financial center.

Publicis, which generates about seven percent of its revenue in Britain, will not be impacted by Britain`s decision to leave the EU, Levy said. The impact on the European economy will be much more limited than the one that followed the financial crisis of 2008, he added.