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Indian scientist

Renowned Indian scientist, academician Professor Yash Pal passes away

Pal was known for his contributions to the study of cosmic rays, as well as for being an institution-builder. 

Jul 25, 2017, 09:36 AM IST

Indian scientist Shrinivas Kulkarni awarded prestigious Dan David prize for his work in astronomy

Mr Kulkarni, who is a professor of astrophysics and planetary science at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, built the Palomar Transient Factory, with which he conducted a large-area survey of the night sky in search of variable and transient phenomena.

May 18, 2017, 11:40 AM IST

First Indian scientist nominated to European young investigator programme

"Minhajuddin Sirajuddin from Bengaluru is the first young life scientist to be nominated for the EMBO Young Investigator Programme," EMBO said in a statement.

Dec 10, 2016, 22:09 PM IST

Indian scientist sheds light on new treatment for heart disease in diabetics

In a breakthrough discovery, an Indian scientist has found new treatment for heart disease in diabetics by targeting a key protein.

Aug 13, 2015, 15:43 PM IST

Things we can learn from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Former President of India – Dr APJ Abdul Kalam – breathed his last in Shillong Monday evening while delivering a lecture to the Indian Institute of Management students.

Jul 28, 2015, 12:35 PM IST

I always wanted to meet Kalam saab, tweets Salman Khan

India's most loved former president APJ Abdul Kalam passed away on Monday after he suddenly fell ill while delivering a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management in Shillong.

Jul 28, 2015, 08:33 AM IST

World's first full-color, flexible skin-like display developed

Scientists led by an Indian-origin researcher have developed the world's first full-colour, flexible thin-film reflective display inspired by nature.

Jun 25, 2015, 18:28 PM IST

Indian scientist develops 'smart car system' that can tell if you are driving wrong

Reckless Drivers! Very soon your cars may be able tell if you are driving wrong, thanks to a new research by Indian scientist.

May 04, 2015, 23:23 PM IST

Indian scientist awarded 1.5 million euros grant

A young Indian scientist based in Germany has been awarded a grant of 1.5 million euros to investigate the role of gut microbiota in autoimmune diseases of the central nervous system such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Feb 24, 2015, 21:10 PM IST

Validate traditional knowledge with modern science: Mashelkar

Eminent Indian scientist and former CSIR director general Raghunath Anant Mashelkar Monday stressed the need for validating traditional practices, such as Ayurveda, with modern science instead of just going by "blind faith".

Jan 05, 2015, 17:24 PM IST

Indian scientist awarded for dancing to explain her research

An Indian scientist who danced to explain her research on tornadoes, has won the top prize in the 2014 'Dance Your PhD' contest.

Nov 05, 2014, 00:22 AM IST

Indian scientist Kamal Bawa wins Midori Prize in Biodiversity 2014

Indian scientist and ecologist Kamal Bawa has won the prestigious Midori Prize in Biodiversity 2014 for his research that included climate change in the Himalayas.

Sep 09, 2014, 22:03 PM IST

Scientist claims Ukraine air crash tragedy an attempt to wage World War III

Scientist Jayaprabhu, who claimed to have located the debris of the missing MH370 airliner, claimed that the tragedy of MH17 Boeing was to initiate a World War III by certain people.

Jul 21, 2014, 16:13 PM IST

India-born scientist named winner of 2014 World Food Prize

India-born plant scientist Sanjaya Rajaram has been named the winner of USD 250,000 World Food Prize for his contribution in increasing global wheat production by more than 200 million tonnes.

Jun 19, 2014, 06:48 AM IST

Scientists to lead delegations abroad, not ministers: Jitendra Singh

All scientific delegations to foreign countries will now be led by eminent scientists and not by ministers, the Centre said.

Jun 07, 2014, 17:05 PM IST

Indian scientist wins top British research fellowship

An Indian scientist in Britain has been granted a prestigious fellowship worth 1,068,000 pounds (around $1.8 million) by a top British agency that funds research in engineering and the physical sciences.

May 03, 2014, 18:02 PM IST

CNR Rao urges scientists to focus more on water, energy and environment

Eminent Indian scientist CNR Rao on Wednesday urged scientists to focus more on the burning problems like water, energy and environment.

Jan 23, 2014, 22:36 PM IST

Indian scientist-led team set to develop universal flu vaccine

A group of researchers, led by a prominent Indian scientist has taken a big step towards developing an universal vaccine that would protect people from every kind of flu.

Oct 06, 2013, 12:17 PM IST

Indian scientist develops software encryption to prevent code deciphering threat

A unique system has been designed by the researchers that will encrypt software in order to make it impervious to reverse-engineering.

Jul 30, 2013, 16:07 PM IST

Indian scientist discovers blue supergiant star in wild environment

An Indian scientist and his Taiwanese colleague have discovered a blue supergiant star located far beyond our Milky Way Galaxy in the constellation Virgo.

Apr 11, 2013, 18:04 PM IST