What is the Bottle Cap Challenge, viral fad taking social media by storm

So what does the Bottle Cap Challenge challenge entail? Read on to know more.

What is the Bottle Cap Challenge, viral fad taking social media by storm Screengrab

There's a new viral challenge on the prowl these days. It's called the #BottleCapChallenge. And everyone – from top actors to the friendly blogger – is trying to nail it.

So what does the challenge entail? The person undertaking the #BottleCapChallenge needs to uncap the bottle in a kick, without letting the bottle move. The challenge reportedly began with Mixed Martial Arts fighters and soon gained traction on the web.

Last week, Kazakh Taekwondo champion Farabi Davletchin posted the #BottleCapChallenge video and dared several other celebs to accept the cap-kicking challenge on Instagram including Jason Statham, Conor McGregor, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Jackie Chan.

The video went viral on social media and soon Jason Statham – The Transporter trilogy and Fast and Furious star – shared his cap-kicking video on Instagram in slo-mo.

Later, inspired by his action idol, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar too posted his slo-mo uncapping video on Instagram. The 51-year-old actor wrote, "I couldn`t resist the Bottle Cap Challenge. Inspired by my action idol Jason Statham, I will repost/retweet the Best I see, come on Guys and Girls get your Bottle out and your Legs in the Air, Let`s Do This."


Other top celebs to try it were singer John Mayer, director-producer Guy Ritchie and many more.

Soon, spoofs of the challenge went viral. Social media artist Barkha Sethi posted a funny take on the video:


How about me giving it a try #bottlecapchallenge ? #challengeaccepted How do you like it @jasonstatham @akshaykumar ?￰゚リツ Tag your Friends who should try this?

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Unlike most of the viral challenges such as #kiki or #dametucosita, #BottleCapChallenge is relatively easier. All you need is a bottle, a cap, a camera and plenty of patience and time to nail the kick.

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