Things to keep in mind while planting Tulsi at home!

Here are some beliefs that you should know while planting Tulsi at your home

Things to keep in mind while planting Tulsi at home! Image courtesy- getty images

New Delhi: Tulsi or holy Basil is a sacred plant according to Hindu belief. One will find Tulsi in almost every Indian household. Also called Tulasi, people regard it as an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi who was a great worshipper of the Lord Vishnu.

Tulsi is also considered a wonder plant as it has various medicinal properties attached to it.

Here, we bring to you some beliefs that you should know while planting Tulsi at your home: 

  • One should not offer Tulsi leaves on a shivling. According to legend, she was the wife of demon Shankhchud who was killed by Lord Shiva. Hence, offering Tulsi leaves to Shiva is prohibited.
  • It is considered inauspicious to pluck Tulsi leaves on Sundays and Ekadashi. Hence, the practice should be avoided.
  • Make sure that you dispose of the dried out Tulsi plant in a holy river or a water body. Also, avoid keeping a dry Tulsi plant as it brings bad luck and immediately replaces it with a new one.
  • As Tulsi is a female plant so avoid keeping thorny bushes or plants like a cactus around. Flowering plants can be kept around Tulsi.
  • We all must have seen our mothers or elders in the family worshipping Tulsi Vrindavan (special masonry or pot where Tulsi plant is kept) early morning. There's a medicinal reason attached to it. Tulsi's full of oxygen and merely breathing it can kill various infections in the body. Also, during evenings try to light an earthen lamp near it.
  • According to Vastu, Tulsi plant should be placed at North or North-East direction of your house. Even the balcony is apt to place a Tulsi plant.
  • Keeping a Tulsi plant at home removes negative energy and doshas. Hence, avoid keeping stuff like brooms, dustbins and other such material in its close vicinity.
  • Lastly, we all know how healthy it is to consume Tulsi leaves. It is used as a natural medicine to cure a cold and viral. Thus, consuming two to three Tulsi leaves in the morning boosts your immunity and keep infections at bay.