This Jawa 42 is actually a modified Hero Splendor underneath, you won't find any difference!

Hero Super Splendor is equal to a Jawa 42! Confused why we are calling two bikes from entirely different times, segments and styles as equal? Read more to find out the reason.

This Jawa 42 is actually a modified Hero Splendor underneath, you won't find any difference! Source: Reyansh Khichi

It's not been very long since Jawa made its return to the Indian market. However, Jawa 42 has gained popularity in India among classic motorcycle enthusiasts. But Jawa is not the only one making Jawa 42 motorcycles in India. Confused? Your confusion will increase once you take a look at this two-decade-old Hero Super Splendor which has been modified to mimic a Jawa 42. Taking one look at the bike, it is almost impossible to identify if it's not a real Jawa.

The modifications of the Super Splendor are a reflection of the talent of a man from Rajasthan. The modification of the bike was brought forth by a YouTube channel named Reyansh Khichi. The video shows the details of the morphed bike. The modification of the motorcycle has revived the old bike giving it new looks and a new identity.

Talking about the design of the bike, every single panel of the bike has been replaced to make it look like a Jawa 42. To get the look of a classic bike, some parts of a Royal Enfield Bullet have been used. Moreover, getting closer to the classic look, it gets a circular headlamp and indicators. The headlamps are masked with blacked-out grills. To give you a nostalgia, the bike gets a cylindrical analogue instrument cluster.

While the handlebar on the modified Super Splendor is identical to that seen on a modern Jawa 42, the original Splendor's suspension frame has been preserved. The front forks with rubber gaiters are from a Bajaj Pulsar 150, while the front 17-inch wheel and 120/80-17 tyre, as well as the chopped front fender, are uniquely made for this motorbike. Furthermore, the moderator has fitted a front disc brake, which was not present on the original motorcycle.

The Super Splendor's original 124cc engine has been rebuilt in this modification and is now finished in a black style. Even the motorcycle's modified exhaust pipe is painted black, giving it a far throatier exhaust noise than the factory exhaust on the original Super Splendor.

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