VIRAL! Plane transported on truck in Andhra Pradesh gets stuck under bridge: Watch Video

A video of an aeroplane stuck in Andhra Pradesh is going viral on the internet; the plane in the video can be seen wedged between the road and an underpass in the Bapatla district.

VIRAL! Plane transported on truck in Andhra Pradesh gets stuck under bridge: Watch Video

In an unusual incident, an aeroplane being transported by a truck got stuck in the middle of the road under a bridge in Andhra Pradesh. The incident reportedly occurred in the Bapatla district on Sunday evening. The unusual scenario in the middle of a public road became a highlight and drew a lot of attention. Consequently, crowd gathered near the Korisapadu underpass to watch the plane. Moreover, the spectator started clicking selfies on the site of the incident. Now, the video of the incident recorded by the people is going viral on social media.

The crowd gathered because of the aeroplane disrupted the traffic movement in the area. Multiple reports suggest that the plane was being transported for Ch Shiva Shankar, who is an owner of the popular food chain Pista House and bought the aircraft to use to set up a restaurant. It is to be noted that the Pista House owner is a resident of Hyderabad.

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The plane became trapped at Korisepadu late on Saturday while being transported from Kochi to Hyderabad on a vehicle's trailer. Officials had stopped the Addanki to Hyderabad service route due to maintenance projects at Medarametla. Vehicles were detoured through the Korisapadu underpass on their way to Hyderabad.

Viral video of plane stuck under bridge

Following a tip, Medarmetla police arrived at the scene and assisted in removing the aircraft from the underpass. After a few hours, the truck driver and the jet were both safely retrieved from the underpass. Reports suggest that the truck driver was not sure if the plane could pass through the underpass, so he stopped the truck to prevent any damage to the plane or vehicle.

The plane in the incident is a VT-ESB, Airbus 320-200 aircraft, as per Simpleflying. The plane was previously owned by Air India. However, the plane has been retired from the airlines fleet for being more than 25 years old and was sold to the owner of Pista House to be used as a restaurant.

Though unusual, the incident is not a first of its kind. There have been previous such incidents in the past. In 2021, a video of a scrapped Air India plane stuck under a foot overbridge went viral. The incident went viral because of multiple reasons, including the missing wings of the plane wedged between the road and bridge. Later it was discovered that the plane was deregistered, scrapped, and sold off and was being transported to a new location.

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