Ukraine Crisis: How does travelling with pets work on airplanes ?

Taking your pet travelling with you can be tricky with several conditions coming into play, there are several things you need to know before you start travelling with your four-legged family member.

Ukraine Crisis: How does travelling with pets work on airplanes ?

Travelling with four-legged family members can be quite a challenge. The challenge is not just for the owners of the pet but for the airlines as well. When it comes to travelling with animals, airlines have many rules and restrictions, considering different situations. In the wake of Ukraine crisis, focus on pet on airlines has further intensified. Here’s an understanding on how travelling with pets works-

The conditions

There are many conditions that the airlines take into consideration when it comes to travelling with pets. For instance, the animal's size, age and type, aircraft type, and destination requirements. All of these policies vary between different airlines. After analysing, conditions like these airlines permit whether the animal can be onboard or not.

If your pet is coming on board, there are still things that airlines take into consideration, like if the pet will be travelling as a carry-on or in separate climate-controlled pressurised compartments. Next, some airlines even consider the type of the animal, meaning the animal will be allowed if it's an emotional support animal or a service animal, depending on their policy.

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Carry-on pets

If the airlines allow the pet as a carry-on, there are many conditions differing from airline to airline like the pet's fee and how it is to be carried.

Checked pets

The pets being checked in the airlines are to be transported in climate-controlled compartments to ensure that they get the ideal temperature during the journey and are not exposed to extreme heat or cold. In addition, there are several conditions differing between airlines like the size, weight, type of the pet and how it is to be carried.

Because of the broad diversity of restrictions, rules, and allowances for animal travel, it's vital to check an airline's website to review their individual pet travel policy. Travellers may be required to register their animals as checked luggage ahead of time.

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