Bengaluru man hangs son, forces wife to commit suicide

The entire incident was videotaped by the daughter of the accused.

Bengaluru man hangs son, forces wife to commit suicide Image used for representational purpose only.

Bengaluru: In a horrific incident, a man hanged his minor son and forced his wife to end her life in Vibuthipura on Sunday. His daughter videotaped the incident and the clip went viral after the death of the duo. 

HAL police arrested the father on charges of murder. The deceased were identified as Geetha Bai (38) and her son Varun (12). 

A police officer said that the incident took place late Sunday night and Suresh hanged Varun by making him stand on a table. Later, Bai hanged herself. Suresh's daughter videotaped the incident. 

Neighbours who heard the screaming alerted the police and Suresh was taken into custody. He told police officials that unable to bear harassment by a money lender, his wife and son committed suicide. However, an investigation revealed that he had killed his son.

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