Miraculous escape caught on camera: Couple falls off; bike continues for 300 metres with kid

A child's miraculous escape in a road bike accident, caught on camera, has stunned several viewers on social media. 

BENGALURU: A child's miraculous escape in a road accident in Bengaluru has been caught on camera and gone viral on social media. Bengaluru-based Channaparmeshwar, his wife Renuka and their five-year-old child were on their way to Bangalore, on a motorcycle when they met with an accident.

On the highway, their bike hit another two-wheeler from behind. The impact of the collision was so strong that the couple was thrown off the bike on the road immediately. The incident took place on Sunday evening in Nelamangala area of Bangalore Rural.

However, the bike - with the child sitting on it - continued travelling straight on the road. It continued for nearly 300 metres, before slowing down and hitting the side divider where the child fell on grass and was miraculously unhurt. Several passersby including a man on a two-wheeler stopped near the accident site and one of them lifted the child.

The entire miraculous escape was caught on a camera installed on the dashboard of the car travelling in the same direction. 

The couple received minor injuries and were treated in a private hospital in the area. The video of the incident was posted by a police officer on Twitter.

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