Shaitaan Movie Review: Sinister R Madhavan Impresses In Presence Of Ajay Devgn

The horrific R Madhavan vs. Ajay Devgn tale is here. It’s just a monotonous, desi-style black magic film. 

Shaitaan Movie Review: Sinister R Madhavan Impresses In Presence Of Ajay Devgn Pic Courtesy: YouTube

Director - Vikas Bahl 

Cast - Ajay Devgn, Madhavan, Janki Bodiwala 

Stars – 2.5/5

‘Shaitaan’ is one film that does not deserve to be ignored — or, more pressingly, remembered as just another Bollywood flick. Rehna Hai Tere Dil Main’s chocolate boy (R Madhavan) has gone all rogue and psycho in ‘Shaitaan’. Just like many bland films of the past, the movie tweaks the classic melodramatic theme of someone idiotic who wants to rule the world. That position is taken up by R Madhavan who becomes maliciously sinful, and the target of his rage is Kabir’s (Ajay Devgn) teenage daughter Janhvi (Janki Bodiwala). 

Bringing the farce of life to the screen, the movie begins with an overtly happy family who are laughing beyond measure, playfully stealing each other’s food and setting up flowers. Everything is so colorful and bright that it has to tone down to reality. Little did we know, it’ll take a 360-degree dark turn where a stranger will topple their life upside down with black magic. So commences a tale, laced with decent sound, drama, and twists, of a family trying to save their daughter from the shackles of the venomous oppressor. After establishing the premise in the first half, the plot thickens after the interval and writers have crafted hidden surprises to keep you wide-eyed.  

A Dysfunctional brain plucked into a smokin’ bod

R Madhavan’s fine acting and psychologically gripping portrayal leave an impact. Although the soul prefers the ace actor as a lover, the actor’s gotta act! His grotesque imagery piques interest and he looks his surreal best. (..and the salt-and-pepper bearded look is plain gorgeous) 

Father of the year  

Ajay Devgn lacked luster. Let’s just say, he participated. Notably, there is a strong absence of dialogue for the main actors, particularly during pivotal moments in the film.  

Final Thoughts  

Shaitaan blows right past the so-bad-it’s-good classification. It deserves appreciation. In simple terms, it is enjoyable, but its appeal is tailored to a particular style of entertainment that may require some adjustment for those unfamiliar with it.