Shashi Kapoor Birth Anniversary: Turn Back Time With Actor's Iconic Films

Catch these unforgettable movies starring the evergreen Shashi Kapoor on 18th March 2024! 

Shashi Kapoor Birth Anniversary: Turn Back Time With Actor's Iconic Films Pic Courtesy: Twitter

New Delhi: This March 18th, the world shall celebrate the birth anniversary of Bollywood legend, Shashi Kapoor showcasing a meticulously curated selection of his most iconic films. From his unforgettable romantic persona to his powerhouse dramatic performances, Mr. Kapoor captivated audiences for decades. Don't miss this golden opportunity to revisit some of his greatest hits and rediscover the magic that cemented his status as a true star. 

Grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and settle in for a nostalgic journey down memory lane with Tata Play Classic Cinema. Let the unforgettable songs, captivating stories, and Shashi Kapoor's effervescent charm transport you back to a simpler time, when cinema was pure magic and a captivating experience. Tune in to Tata Play Classic Cinema on March 18th for a mesmerizing movie marathon dedicated to the legendary Shashi Kapoor. Here's a taste of the classics you can watch! 

Naina-10:00 AM
Naina is a captivating Bollywood masterpiece from 1973, directed by director Kanak Mishra and penned by Kaifi Azmi. This cinematic gem weaves a tale of intrigue, envy, and love, drawing parallels to Daphne du Maurier's timeless classic Rebecca. Set amidst the opulent backdrop of aristocratic life, the film showcases Shashi Kapoor in a rare portrayal of a morally ambiguous aristocrat. Moushumi Chatterjee shines as his second wife, perpetually haunted by comparisons to her predecessor. The remindful soundtrack, crafted by the legendary duo Shankar-Jaikishan, features the enchanting melody "Hone Lagi Hai Raat Jawan," delivered with finesse by the incomparable Asha Bhosle, earning her the prestigious Filmfare Award. Garnering nominations in multiple categories, including Best Male Playback Singer for Mohd. Rafi's poignant rendition of "Humko To Jaan Se Pyari Hai," Naina promises an immersive cinematic experience, blending drama, passion, and unforgettable music.

Kala Paani - 02:00 PM
Kala Pani, directed by Shibu Mitra and produced by B. Gupta, is a gripping tale that unfolds in the year 1980. Starring Shashi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Bindu, Asit Sen, Raza Murad, Ajit, Jairaj, Maruti, and Amjad Khan, the film delivers a potent mix of drama and action. Set against the backdrop of intense suspense, the movie's musical score by Laxmikant-Pyarelal adds depth to its narrative. With a stellar cast and an engrossing storyline, "Kala Pani" promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Chori Mera Kaam - 05:00 PM

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of laughter and mischief in Chori Mera Kaam, a 1975 Bollywood comedy that promises non-stop entertainment! Produced by Chander Sadanah and directed by Brij Sadanah, this rib-tickling film follows the escapades of a quirky ensemble cast led by Ashok Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, and Zeenat Aman. With a witty script by K. A. Narayan and foot-tapping music by Kalyanji-Anandji, the stage is set for a riotous adventure filled with hilarious antics and unexpected twists. Hold onto your seats as Deven Verma steals the show and clinches the coveted Filmfare Award for Best Comedian, adding an extra dose of hilarity to this comedy classic.

Prem Patra - 08:00 PM
Prem Patra, a timeless Indian Hindi-language romantic drama from 1962, unfolds against the backdrop of love, sacrifice, and longing. Produced and directed by the legendary Bimal Roy, the film features the enchanting duo of Shashi Kapoor and Sadhana in lead roles. Loosely based on the acclaimed Bengali film "Sagarika," this cinematic gem weaves a poignant tale of love's triumphs and tribulations. With mesmerizing melodies embellished by the renowned composer Salil Chaudhary, "Prem Patra" transcends the boundaries of time and emotion, captivating audiences with its soul-stirring narrative and unforgettable performances. Prepare to be swept away by the magic of romance as "Prem Patra" unfolds its tender tale of love's enduring power.