Apple unveils iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus with 3D Touch: As it happened...

Tim Cook and his gang are back again and the stage is all set for, perhaps, Apple's biggest event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in downtown San Francisco.

Apple unveils iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus with 3D Touch: As it happened...

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Tim Cook on Wednesday unveiled the new Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus as expected at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in downtown San Francisco. However, the new iPhones came with 3D Touch and not the Force Touch as it was hope for.

Besides the iPhones, the tech giant also launched the Apple TV with App Store and Siri, a bigger and more powerful iPad Pro too.

Over the last nine months since the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the US tech giant has reportedly sold a record 183 million iPhones which have help the company earn record profits.

Below is a LIVE detail of the event that led to the unveiling of the Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Hi everyone, welcome to our Live blog of the Apple's September 9 iPhone 6S launch event.

What we expect today besides the main products are faster A9 chip, better camera and 2GB of RAM, a first in iPhone.

- We could also expect ton of Apps

- Tim Cook takes the stage and greets everyone.

- "Thank you, thank you. Good morning. We could not be more excited to be here this morning,” Cook says.

- "It's been an incredible year for Apple. We're really firing on all cylinders. And we're about to make some monster announcements across several of our product lines."

- And behold! Something more about Apple Watch

- Just a few months ago, we made Apple Watch available to our customers around the world. It's already changing their daily lives and they love using it. They love how quick and easy it is, Cook says.

- To give more details on Apple Watch, Tim Cook calls on Jeff Williams.

- "Now despite just launching the watch a few months ago, we are on an incredible pace of innovation. To tell you about where we're going next, I'd like to invite Jeff Williams to the stage."

- Jeff Williams,, Apple’s senior vice president of operations since mid-2010, is on stage

- "There are new watch faces like this beautiful one with time transit and third party complications. This is a big deal. It's a really powerful thing to be able to glance at your wrist and see the information important to you," Jeff says.

-Facebook Messenger is coming to the Watch and this is sweet.

-iTranslate: Say anything and translate it into 90 languages. New way to learn a new language? Could be :)

- GoPro is another app added to the Watch as viewfinder

- Dr. Cameron Powell, cofounder of AirStrip is taking the stage

- "Now AirStrip. An example of just how far developers can go with native apps," says Dr Powell

- "I want to compare what's happening in real time to what's happening more recently. AirStrip magically pulls all this information together," says Dr Powell.

- AirStrip with Apple Watch will change how doctors communicate with patients as it is already used to monitor over 3.5M pregnant women.

- Another app is the Sense4Baby with sensors pregnant women put on their bellies.

- With this new app mothers can listen to their babies in their wombs on their wrist. Couldn't be any cooler.

- Williams is back on stage

- Apple Watch as a new design - the band at least. It comes with a leather strap.

- It will be available in the market from October.

- Available in select stores in October. We think people are goign to love Apple Watch Hermes, says Williams.

- Comes in different colours of red, brown, gold.

- Tim Cook is back on stage and it iPad Pro as all expected.

- In just 5 years, iPad has transformed the way we create, the way we learn and the way we work, Cook says of the iPad.

- Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, takes the stage

- I am so excited to tell you about this incredible new iPad Pro. It has a huge screen, he says.

- It's more powerful and comes with a big screen of 12.9-inch diagonally. That the biggest iPad ever.

- It comes with a display of 2732X2048 pixels with 5.6M pixels

- A new A9X chip, a 3rd Generation 64-bit chip with 2X memory bandwidth and 1.8X faster than the A8X is here.

- The new A9X chip also has a double graphic over A8X.

- It is faster than 80% of the portable PCs that shipped in the last 12 months, says Schiller.

- It also comes with a strong battery life of 10 hours of continuous usage

- The iPad Pro is however a little thicker at 6.9mm thick as compared to iPad Air 6.1

- And the iPad Pro comes with a Smart Keyboard and a new accessory - Apple Pencil

- The Pencil has its own battery, but recharges via Lightning directly w iPad Pro.

- Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate VP for Microsoft Office, is here and that is interesting.

- At Microsoft we're focused on reinventing productivity, Koenigsbauer says.

- And this should come as good news. "We're supporting Microsoft Office on Apple platforms" he adds.

- Microsoft Office will work with Apple Pencil and just like Word, just like Excel, PowerPoint has excellent support for the Apple Pencil

- At Microsoft we really believe bringing together the iPad Pro with Microsoft Office ... will really transform how people work on these devices, Koenigsbauer says.

- Eric Snowden of Adobe takes the stage

- Eric is excited and will be showing three different Adobe applications all working together on iPad Pro

- Snowden is showing demo of Adobe

- Schiller is back is back on stage and is showing details of the iPad Pro.

- It comes with a 8MP iSight camera, FaceTime HD camera, TouchId, 802.11ac

- Prices will start at $799 for 32GB with Wi-Fi, 128GB for $949 while the Pencil has been priced at $99 and the Smart Keyboard at $169

- They will all be available in the market from November.

- The 128GB version with LTE that costs $1,079

- Cook is back on stage and its time for Apple TV.

- The TV experience itself hasn't changed much in decades and today we are going to do something about that, Cook says.

- The new Apple TV comes with a variety of apps such as music, gaming, movies, animation, etc.

- The remote is interesting. It has button and a glass touch surface above it which makes it easy to navigate.

- The Apple TV comes with Siri, the virtual voice assistant and you can ask it anything - play movies, music, weather, sports score, etc.

- It's game demo: The TV accepts multi-players for the various games.

- Miceelle Peluso of Gilt is on stage and a demo of how Gilt will work on the TV is show on screen.

- Chad Evans from is now up on stage.

- Yes! You can watch all the games on this TV.

- Cook is back on stage now and is talking about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

- Looks like the new iPhones are not far behind.

- In the last quarter, iPhones grew at 3.5X against the rest of the industry, says Cook adding that in China, it's even more incredible. iPhone grew a stunning 75% versus the rest of the industry in decline, he says.

- And behold! the new iPhones - iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

- From the very start, the iPhone has been about bringing innovations that are really important in peoples' lives. As a result, iPhone has changed the world, Cook says.

- The iPhones you're about to see are the most advanced iPhones ever. In fact, they're the most advanced smartphones in the world, Cook continues.

- It comes in four colours of Silver, gold, space gray and rose gold

- The iPhone 6S has a 4.7-inch display while the 6S Plus has 5.5-inch

- Displays are covered by a brand new glass, the strongest in the industry, says Phil Schiller, who is back on stage.

- They come with with 3D Touch. That's exciting. And yea... it's not Force Touch as it was expected, but a 3D Touch

- It's made possible by a technology called 3D Touch. This is the next generation of multitouch. For the first time along with recognizing familiar gestures, also recognizes force, Schiller says.

- The new iPhones run on A9 chips which Schiller claims is the faster they have ever built in the phones.

- The A9 chis is 70 percent faster at CPU and 90 percent faster at graphics (over A8).

- The 3D touch makes it easier for navigation between apps too.

- New features include a 2nd Generation Touch ID, which is faster and the all-new iSight 12MP camera which gives 50 percent more pixels than before.

- Here's the iSight camera sensor. 50% more pixels and with that 50% more focus pixels. So autofocus is faster, says Schiller who is detailing the new iPhones.

- Schiller is showing samples of picture clicked on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

- And interesting! The new iPhones can shoot 4K video.

- It comes with a 5megapixel FaceTime camera as Apple would like to call it. And it comes with a great TrueTone flash where Apple says it will use retina display. Wow to that!!

- We're going to use the retina display to be a TrueTone flash, says Schiller.

- It also comes with a much faster LTE, twice the speed actually.

- We also have incredible advancements in our wireless as well. LTE has LTE advanced. Twice as fast. Up to 23 bands, the most in any smartphone, Schiller says.

- The new iPhones will run on iOS 9 with a WiFi twice the speed too.

- And the most interesting part, there will be a new app on Android Store from Apple that can be downloaded from Android phones.

- How about the pricing?

- The iPhone 6S has been priced starting from $199 while the price of the iPhone 6S Plus start from $299.

- Preorder start September 12 and will be available from the 25th in the US, China, France , UK, Japan, Australia, etc.

- The iPhones come with 5GB of iCloud storage.

- Cook is back on stage to huge round of applause.

- It's been a huge morning for us, he says.

- A new bigger and more powerful iPad, TV app, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus, he continues.

- Before we go, we thought it would be only appropriate to close with a sensational musical act, says Cook.

- And One Republic is here on stage performing 'Counting Stars'..

- By the way, Cook says they are one of his favourite band.

- And with that, we come to the end of our LIVE Blog here on Zee Business of the Apple iPhone 6S launch event. Thanks for being with us..