Adil Qadri –The businessman who is the face behind the indigenous luxury fragrance brand

Adil Qadri's range of perfumes is famous for its high quality and up-market scent. 

Adil Qadri –The businessman who is the face behind the indigenous luxury fragrance brand

Indian luxury fragrance market is mostly dominated by foreign brands, the reason behind this is most of the elite customers do not find the quality of local brands up-to-the-mark. But there is a businessman who is changing the scenario. Adil Qadri is the man behind indigenous luxury perfume brand, He has named it after his own name.

Adil Qadri's range of perfumes is famous for its high quality and up-market scent. The x-factor of these perfumes is that they are alcohol-free. This is the reason they are particularly liked by customers who do not like alcohol-based perfumes and those who for religious reasons can not use alcohol-based perfumes. The 2 new natural perfumes launched by Adil Qadri are AdilQadri Oud-Al-Hashmi and AdilQadri Musk-Al-Ghazali. AdilQadri Oud-Al-Hashmi is a perfume derived from genuine soft oud. This has a warm smoky scent that comes from agarwood, which is the most expensive wood in the market.

Apart from luxury perfumes, Adil Qadri has the other range as well which is easy for the pocket. These are also alcohol-free perfumes for daily usage. The fragrances of these perfumes are also very light and suitable for the contemporary lifestyle. Their other famous attars available on e-commerce platforms are Adil Qadri Shanaya attar, Adil Qadri's amazing signature attar, and Adil Qadri Safwan attar. These fragrances have been made to take care of the demand of modern youth.

Adil Qadri has also launched non-alcohol based deodorants. There is a separate range of deodorants for men and women. At present these deodorants are available on Adil Qadri’s official website and soon will be available in retail outlets as well. Adil Qadri is a very ambitious and competitive man. He says that “we must present the better alternative to customers then there is no reason that they would not use our products.”

Although perfumes are the most liked products from brand Adil Qadri, it is also famous as an e-commerce brand that sells Muslim faith specific products. It is one of the preferred e-com platforms to buy products such as Barkati Topi, Muslim faith specific symbols, designer Muslim caps, and dry fruits as well.

Adi Qadri had planned to launch 2 retail outlets in 2 different metro cities. The plan was put on hold amid global pandemic COVID-19. He is waiting for the situation to get better. Once market conditions are conducive consumers will be able to buy products through these retail outlets as well.

Adil Qadri is a self-made man who has made his fortune with sheer hard work and the support of his family and friends. He comes from a humble background. Due to financial obstacles, life was pretty difficult during his childhood. He faced difficulties due in education due to prolonged illness as well. In the initial days of his business, he has struggled a lot, but his uncle has supported him a lot in starting –up and establishing the business. He is a firm believer in God and dedicates all his success to Allah. The entire range of perfumes and other products could be browsed on their website .

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