Samsung And OnePlus Tease Apple Following USB-C Port Announcement In iPhone 15 Models

Apple replaced the iconic lightning cable port with USB-C port following EU's order last year, making mandatory to decrease the burden of keeping different chargers from the shoulders of customers. 

Samsung And OnePlus Tease Apple Following USB-C Port Announcement In iPhone 15 Models USB-C port seen in iPhone 15 model.

New Delhi: In a lighthearted showdown of tech giants, Samsung and OnePlus recently engaged in some friendly online banter following the unveiling of Apple's much-anticipated iPhone 15 series with USB-C port. This rivalry, which has been ongoing for years, once again took center stage as each companies took jabs at the other's latest innovations.

Samsung, known for its clever social media presence, was quick to seize the opportunity. As Apple introduced the USB-C port as a new feature in the iPhone 15 series, Samsung's official social media handle, Samsung Mobile US, fired a tweet that left no room for subtlety: "At least we can C one change that's magical."

OnePlus also joined the playful banter, initially poking fun at Apple for featuring a 60Hz refresh rate in the new iPhones, a feature they deemed less than impressive. They didn't stop there, taking a playful dig at the pricing of the new iPhone, suggesting that it might require starting a GoFundMe campaign to afford the Pro Max and Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Fans Defend Their Brand: Amidst the online banter, Apple's loyal fan base rallied to the defense of their beloved brand. One witty enthusiast even quipped, "I'll buy Samsung just to get the charger for my iPhone."

The iPhone 15 series represents a substantial step forward for Apple, introducing new upgrades across several models. While Apple touts the addition of a Type-C port as a major change in its lineup, the playful banter between Samsung, OnePlus, and Apple continues in the highly competitive flagship market.

The move from Apple to embrace USB-C has divided social media users into two camps. Some believe it's a positive step for connectivity and standardization, while others question the decision to abandon the lightning port, which has been a staple of Apple devices for years.

This online banter isn't new, as Samsung has a history of trolling Apple, especially regarding the absence of foldable gadgets in Apple's product lineup. Similarly, Google and Apple fans have also engaged in playful teasing over the introduction of USB Type-C ports.