Tips to Make Your Customers Come Again on Your Ecommerce Store Without Asking Them

Customer retention shows you about how good you are maintaining your relationship with your customers and how much your customers trust in your brand.

Tips to Make Your Customers Come Again on Your Ecommerce Store Without Asking Them

If you have just started your journey in eCommerce or already having an eCommerce store then getting new customers every day is your major concern. Well, it should be your concern because customers are the only thing you will get success in your eCommerce Website Themes business.

Besides, acquiring new customers won't be enough, you have to make your existing customers stay in your shop. it‘s only going to happen when your retention rate is good enough. Making new customers is also a time-consuming process but it doesn’t mean that you forget about your existing customers.

Moreover, customer retention shows you about how good you are maintaining your relationship with your customers and how much your customers trust in your brand. Returning customers have more chances than gaining new customers.

To keep the consistency of repeat customers you need to build an embedded strategy and maintain a relationship with them.

In this following article, we are going to provide you with some tips about how your customers will come back again and again on your eCommerce store.

1. Provide the Best Customer Service

Apart from providing quality based products, customer satisfaction has play-acting on an extreme level. After checking your products, checking customers' experience and their comments, even checking everything regarding your customers has become mandatory for you.

If you do not glance at one’s eye at or over, you might end up losing your potential customers. The Shopify Themes Based website will help you to stay close to your customers because it’s a SaaS platform and it can easily connect with social media. Moreover, other things such as quick response to customer’s queries and solving problems etc. In contrast, 37% of customers want their complaints to be responded to by brands within 30 minutes.

Helping digital hands will be beneficial for you. If you target a specific age group especially the elders who are 70+, you would provide them with no delivery charge for the product. This act will generate loyalty, trust and respect from the people and more customers will come to you.

2. Giving Your Customers Access to Get Information

From the customer’s point of view, this part is a little dramatic. On your web-store, you probably have chatbots who automatically gesture new customers when they enter your store. More than 90% neglect this. You just did your part, well done but it takes time for customers to directly interact with you.

Therefore, if they witness any problem in your store, they prefer to solve it on their own. In this sense, you will have a good amount of important knowledge so that customers can find no difficulties to solve it. If you are a small business then the WooCommerce Templates based website will help you to add more valuable content to your store with less charge.

On your eCommerce store, you use some things to improve your customer’s user experience. You can add quality of product description, you can create a new page of help where you can add self-service blocks and in the end, all these things are connected with your FAQ section. More than half of the problems solved in this section.

3. Try to Give Something to Your Customer

At this point, we are trying to tell you that when your customer finally buys a product from your store, try to impress them with something which they don’t expect. In short, give them a little surprise. When they open their order and get something for free which they aren’t expecting.

This little joyful act can improve trust in your customers and the chances may become higher that they will again come to your eCommerce store to buy again.

In the delivery pack, you simply put well-designed cards, the discount coupon of an upcoming sale on your product, a mini pack of stickers or anything that can bring a smile on your customer’s face when they open the pack and get these free items. If you think you will get out of your budget then pack the product in unique ways and make it look attractive. It can also bring new things to your store and customers as well.

3. Interact With Customers With Humor

In this pacing world, everyone is suffering from hard times. But it doesn’t mean to forget about smiling. Gigantic eCommerce firms such as Amazon and eBay are trying to reply to customer’s comments. Whether the customers like their product they reply with a humorous way or if they don’t like it then they reply with a sorry tone.

If you are operating your store with Responsive PrestaShop themes then you also take part in your customer’s conversation. In general, It doesn’t matter which eCommerce platform you are using, the main part is to get in touch with your customers. Interacting with customers makes you more humble and you can gain trust and loyalty of your customer’s in return. If you want a live example then check the Netflix India YouTube channel and go to a community post. You will see hilarious replies from Netflix on their viewer’s comments. What we are saying is to adopt this tactic and apply it to you and your brand.

4. Birthday Surprises

It’s obvious that when your customers sign up to make an account in your store you probably ask them to fill their birthday and year as well. All customer details are going to be added to your website’s customer data. The prime part of these customers’ data is you can not use this only to target a specific age group audience, but you can also use it for another purpose like wish them on their birthday.

You can use email or push-notifications to wish them their birthday. Although, you can treat them with some of the birthday special discount on the selected product with free delivery. The best thing about this tactic is your customer will feel special and you are going to build a strong and never-ending bond with your customers. If you are using a BigCommerce Templates-based website then it will become easy for you to stay connected with your customers.

5. Check Subtlety User Experience

If you want your customer to witness something that is only offered by gigantic eCommerce firms then you have to think like them. Think big. When customers come to your store, they want smoothness and an enjoyable shopping experience.

You can improve this experience by creating shortcuts in the checkout process. It will be possible in your OpenCart Themes-based store. You can design the UX of the checkout process like just click once and your customers will be taken to the payment page directly and all the information will be filled by pre-saved pieces of information.

Final Words:

Creating new customers and making them buy your product for the first is maybe an easy task. But making their customer believe in you and purchasing again from your store for the second time is a hard task. For instance, you can not force them from time to time to visit your store again.

It takes time to build trust and loyalty in your customer about your brand. You have to show some patience. It’s not like a magic world where you use a magic wand and get customers. The retention strategy takes a lot of research and you have to enlighten yourself with it on an extreme level.

If you have used some new strategy in this context then do share with us and if you haven’t started yet then take it some from here. Share your thoughts with us so that we can also gain some knowledge from you.

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