Bangladesh changes World Cup jersey after 'similarities' with Pakistan

The original jersey did not have the red colour which has always been seen on Bangladesh cricket uniform. Green and red colours are part of the country's national flag.

Bangladesh changes World Cup jersey after 'similarities' with Pakistan

Scores of fans were outraged when the official jersey of the Bangladesh cricket team for the World Cup was first showcased. Many felt it was almost identical to the jersey of the Pakistani cricket team. Now, the Bangladesh Cricket Board has made subtle colour changes although it claims the decision was not a result of previous similarities with the Pakistani jersey.

The Bangladesh cricket team's jersey for the crucial tournament in England was first showcased on Monday. It prompted a quick pat down from fans as well as former BCB officials who questioned why the red colour was given a miss even though it has always been a part of the national team's uniform in limited overs' cricket. Many also said that the jersey was identical to that of Pakistan although BCB had shot down the charge claiming the country's name was boldly written in front which also had the BCB logo.

It is reported that BCB had initially dropped the red colour from the jersey because it was informed of commercial complications by the International Cricket Council. When there was an outrage for the decision, mostly because the red colour is a part of Bangladesh's national flag, BCB sought permission from ICC once again and it was eventually granted.

The new jersey gets a hint of red and is likely to placate Bangladeshi fans who are known for being taking their passion for the sport to giddying levels.

The World Cup begins from May 30 while Bangladesh plays its first match on June 2 - against South Africa.

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