IPL 2024: 'Team Spirit' Reigns Supreme Behind RCB's Inspirational Comeback This Season, Believes Rajat Patidar

IPL 2024: RCB have now won five out of their five games played in the Indian Premier League 2024 season.

IPL 2024: 'Team Spirit' Reigns Supreme Behind RCB's Inspirational Comeback This Season, Believes Rajat Patidar

A one-run loss despite some special performances compounded by the rub of the green not going their way in many close matches meant that Royal Challengers Bengaluru had a really bumpy start to this season. However, it’s the team spirit and culture of being there for each other in failure and in success has led the team to stage a remarkable comeback as the Faf du Plessis-led outfit registered their fifth consecutive victory on Sunday to stay in the hunt for a place in the play-offs.

Rajat Patidar, who played a remarkable innings in the last match to help the team register another victory, also shed light on the positive team culture that inspires players to do their best on the field. 

"The positive team culture plays a huge role in the team as when you have a good culture and support from management, it makes player comfortable and allows you to do your best on the field. It increases the success of the team as well. In tough times it's important to back each other and also have support from management. So, I believe that is there especially the franchise show a lot of support and back every player," stated Patidar.

The franchise backed by the support of the largest fan base- the ‘12th Man Army” has attracted some of the biggest names in world cricket since the inception of the league thanks to bonhomie among the players, fans and the faith of the team management. 

These legends of the game are now part of the hall of fame and still as passionate as they were when they represented the Bengaluru team and still love coming back and rooting for RCB. With multiple IPL records to his name, Virat Kohli has been at the RCB dressing room for the last 17 years and continues to hold the Orange cap as the highest run scorer this season too. 

He believes it is the team’s #playbold culture that not only binds the team with the fans on the field but also resonates with the belief of the team management that makes almost every player in the team give that extra bit of motivation. 

“What we ended up achieving as a team, as a cultural change, is always going to be a matter of pride for me because a tournament happens for a certain period of time. But a culture happens over a long period of time. 

And for that, you need consistency: you need more character than just winning,” Virat Kohli had said, while explaining what has held him back from leaving RCB during one of his earlier interaction on the RCB podcast.

That character has been visible not only in the way the team has made multiple comebacks or faced tough defeats but also in how the young and talented cricketers are groomed in the RCB dressing rooms by the champions of the game or how the team has responded when the chips have been completely down.

“Pressure is always there. Performances are a part of the game that we play. Pressure is there when you are winning as well. You need to perform as well in the game. But I think for me the nice thing at least from the captaincy point of view is that I feel like we’re playing the style of cricket that we have been wanting to play for so long. It’s more a happiness that we are doing ourselves justice whereas, before, the opposite was happening,” said RCB Skipper Faf du Plessis.

He added, "We are also getting excellent support from our fans- RCB 12th Man Army. It feels like that every game is a home game for us."

The men's team had also celebrated the WPL triumph of the women's team with a unique guard of honour for the champions - showing that everyone deserves recognition for their hard work irrespective of win or loss.