WATCH: Dhanashree Verma, Yuzvendra Chahal Dance In New Reel To Celebrate Wedding Anniversary; Video Goes Viral

Dhanashree Verma has finally been able to teach husband Yuzvendra Chahal some dance steps and posted a great performance of them on Instagram on occasion of their birthdays.

WATCH: Dhanashree Verma, Yuzvendra Chahal Dance In New Reel To Celebrate Wedding Anniversary; Video Goes Viral Chahal and Dhanashree dance together.

Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal and his dancer-cum-choreographer wife Dhanashree Verma danced their heart out to celebrate the third wedding anniversary. It was on this day, December 22 in 2020, that the lovebirds got married and said yes to spending this lifetime together. Sharing the dance video, Dhanashree wrote in the caption: "The only collaboration I want to be teased with 3 years of constant support to each other. Jab bhi moka milta hai, hum Mr chahal ke saath dance karte hai aur aaj toh banta hai. Happy anniversary @yuzi_chahal23."

Watch the brilliant dance performance between Yuzvendra and Dhanashree below:

In case you did not know, Yuzvendra met Dhanashree only because he wanted to learn dancing, a skill he did not have. It was during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 that they first conversed with each other over social media app Instagram. After watching her videos on the app, Chahal had DMed Dhanashree that he wanted to learn some steps from her. 

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They both then began speaking a lot with each other and eventually met too. Without wasting any time, Chahal proposed Dhanashree for marriage. In an interview with TRS, Chahal mentioned that he told Dhanashree that he did not want to date with her for a long time but would like to get married. 

Dhanashre must have been surprised by this proposal but she saw how straightforward and clear Chahal was in his head about her. She liked Chahal and his decency and decided to say yes. 

On December 22, Yuzi and Dhanashree entered the nuptial chamber and got married. Three years have gone and the love is only increasing as shown in the video posted by the couple.

It must also be said that Dhanashree did not even know Chahal when the cricketer had reached out to her to learn dancing. Dhanashree said in an interview that she had stopped watching cricket right when Chahal started playing international cricket. Hence, she was completely out of touch with the India matches. 

However, once she met Chahal, Dhanashree liked the star spinner and soon fell in love. Today, Dhanashree is a huge part of Chahal's life and they both are pillars of strength for each other. Dhanashree had shown support for her husband when Chahal was dropped from the ODI World Cup squad. Needless to say, Chahal and Dhanashree remain one of the happiest and inspiring cricket couples in India.