Christmas 2022: Churches that you cannot miss seeing in Delhi NCR on Xmas day

The city is proud to be a hub of various cultures because it has served as the capital for many years. From Sardhana church in Meerut to Sacred Heart Cathedral in old Delhi, here are 10 churches you must visit in Delhi NCR to enjoy the holiday spirit.


  • Visiting church during the holiday season is considered blissful
  • Churches in Delhi and across the nation are buzzing with carols and musicals
  • From Old Delhi to Faridabad all church in Delhi NCR are merry with xmas spirit

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Christmas 2022: Churches that you cannot miss seeing in Delhi NCR on Xmas day Top churches in Delhi NCR to visit during Christmas

Churches in Delhi NCR: Delhi is known for its imposing administrative structures, formidable infrastructure, and historically significant attractions. The city of Delhi is immensely proud of its many Indo-Saracenic sites, including the Red Fort, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Qutb Minar, and others. 

The churches in Delhi have a richness of cultural and historical value in addition to historical significance. Your heart and body will always feel at peace and quiet after visiting a church. 

If you're wondering how many churches there are in Delhi NCR, the top ones to visit while visiting are listed here.

1. St. James’ Church, Mori Gate

Prior to changing its name to St. James Church Delhi, this church was known as the Skimmer's Church. In addition, it is one of the local churches that is the oldest. The church was commissioned to be built by Colonel James Skimmer. 

The Viceroy of India frequented the location up until 1931. The roof of the church in north Delhi is supported by long, substantial pillars and a sizable dome. The architecture of the entire church bears a strong British influence.

Opening hour: For the winter season (October to March), the church operates from 9 in the morning.

2. St. Stephen’s Church, Khari Baoli, Chandni Chowk

This church is situated in the busy neighbourhood of Chandni Chowk in the scorching city of Delhi. The church's interiors are understated and elegant, with a lovely rustic exterior. From a distance, the church's lights can be seen at night, giving the impression that it is blazing in the small alleys.

The church's red exterior gives it a highly Victorian appearance, but visitors will find a straightforward, cosy service inside.

Opening hours: 9 am onwards (Monday to Sunday)

3. Alphonsa’s Church, Vasant Kunj

In Vasant Kunj, St. Alphonsa's Church can be found amidst all the farms. The most stunning church in Delhi is stunning, and it also provides services in English, Hindi, and Korean. The church is decorated with intricate sculptures and biblical figures. 

The wood is also intricately crafted. Jesus Christ is depicted as a statue against a wooden backdrop. The location is an excellent spot for both mental and physical meditation.

Opening hours: 8 am (Monday – Sunday)

3. Sacred Heart Cathedral, Gole Market

The church complex spans more than four acres and is one of Delhi's largest and oldest. Every passerby has always been interested in the church. The church appears majestic and regal due to the two huge pillars on either side of it. It is uncommon to find brilliant red bricks and an open, spacious interior in churches today.

There is no other structure in the region that can compare to the distinctive beauty that this cathedral gives to the city, and the church's pillars have Roman design roots.

Opening hours: 9 am to 6:30 (Monday to Friday), 9 am to 12:30 pm (Saturday)

4. Cathedral Church Of Redemption, North Avenue

A famous monument constructed by the British, the church is located on New Delhi's North Avenue. The 1930s church was built with an architecture that was influenced by Lutyens. They have descended from the most seasoned fathers and continue to host weekly masses.

This is one of the churches in Delhi that is always included in the itinerary for seeing important sites.

Opening hours: 8 am to 7 pm, everyday

5. St Mary’s Church, Noida

The Assumption of Our Lady is the focus of St. Mary's Church, the sole Catholic parish in Noida.

Opening hours: 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, everyday

6. St. Joseph’s Church, Greater Noida

St. Joseph’s Church is a Roman Catholic Church. You can find the church in Pocket D, Alpha 1, Greater Noida.

7. Legion of Mary St. Paul Church, Ghaziabad

The Legion of Mary is a spiritual community of Christians who serve in parishes, visit nursing homes, rectify marriages, and proclaim the faith. This church is located in the Main Market, Bagu, Nai Basti Dundahera, Ghaziabad.

8. St. Dominic’s Church, Vasant Vihar

One of Delhi's well-known catholic churches, standing for many years. Many believers have made use of the church, which is situated on Vasant Vihar's residential edges. The building's bold red brick exteriors are covered in flora on all four sides. You'll feel a sense of serenity fill your body as you enter the church.

9. Begum Samru Church, Sardhana, Meerut

The stunning basilica in Sardhana, which was constructed in 1822 and honours the Virgin Mary and her healing miracles, is well-known. The village hosts a nine-day pilgrimage each November just a couple of hours' drive from Delhi and close to Meerut.

The church's past is an interesting one. Hear the account of the Muslim dancing girl who grew up to become a Christian princess from the locals: Begum Samru married the French mercenary Walter Rheinhardt, fought with him, took over his six battalions and lordship of Sardhana, and personally commanded her troops in the war. She also had a modest influence on politics involving the Mughals, Marathas, and British.

Opening hours: 10 am to 5 pm, everyday

10. St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Faridabad

This church in the outskirts of Delhi is situated in Faridabad. St. Mary's Church spans a large area and has halls which can hold a good number of people without stretching outside the halls. During Christmas this church is lit up during Christmas and has Christmas eve masses.

Opening hours: 6 am to 10 pm, everyday