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Hug Day 2018: Embrace your partner with love, warmth on this special day

The Valentine's week is on and each day, from February 7 to 13 has its own special significance and is celebrated accordingly. Today, February 12 is dedicated to the Hug Day.

Hug Day 2018: Embrace your partner with love, warmth on this special day
Pic courtesy: Pixabay

New Delhi: The Valentine's Day is barely two days away and we can't keep calm. And with the V-week going on, comes in a special each day. Today happens to be the Hug day and you can use this special day to express your feelings of love and care towards your partner.

A hug any day brings you closer to your partner besides making you feel loved. 

Here's how you can celebrate the Hug Day:

Give a tight hug to your loved ones as it will express your feelings towards your partner and make them realise how important they are to you. It will also show your affection towards your partner and spread the much-needed warmth.

On this special day, try giving different types of hugs to your loved ones. Grab your beloved and try a bear hug or one-armed hug, sleepy hug, brisk hug etc. Spread the joy of love in unique ways.

Single and want to hug? You don't really need to be in a relationship to celebrate the season of love. Friends and family come in handy when you don't have a special someone. Give your friends or parents a much needed tight hug and let them know that you care. Embrace your friends with a hug of love on this 'Hug Day'.

Play a romantic number and ask your partner to join in for dance. You can give a warm and long hug to your beloved while dancing. Remember, the duration and pressure of a hug depend on the context and level of intimacy a couple share. 

This will symbolise and express your love beautifully. You can even get this moment clicked and cherish it later. This way you can relive these timeless moments.

While you get all set to showcase some love on your loved ones, you must also know that hugs are of various types and each has its own specifics. The various types of hugs include bear hugs, body hug, spin hug, catch hug, crush hug and cuddle. 

So, whether it's your partner, best friend forever, parents or sibling, embrace them with a tight, big hug to make them feel special today.