New Year 2020 horoscope: Find out what the year has in store for you

Year 2020 is one of the most fascinating years from Astrology perspective. This year will be exciting and challenging depending upon how we act and react to situations. Most of us tend to react to situations and look for remedies. Those who take things in the right spirit and move forward are the ones who will benefit the most this year. 

New Year 2020 horoscope: Find out what the year has in store for you

Year 2020 is one of the most fascinating years from Astrology perspective. This year will be exciting and challenging depending upon how we act and react to situations. Most of us tend to react to situations and look for remedies. Those who take things in the right spirit and move forward are the ones who will benefit the most this year. 

For starters, Jupiter has just transited to Sagittarius from Scorpio and will stay in its own house till 19th Nov 2020. Technically, Jupiter will impact its own house and the houses of Aries, Gemini and Leo Zodiac, Saturn will transit from Sagittarius to its own house Capricorn from Jan 24th. Which means that the ‘Sadesati’ will commence for Aquarius. Scorpio will be out of Sadesati effects. 
The major transit influencing planets namely Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu are either in its own house or exalted. The chances of occurrence of major events in ones’ life increase significantly. The nature of results depends on the placement of each planet in the respective individual charts. 

Not only the houses barring Virgo will be impacted directly or influenced by one of the three major transit planets, but all the houses that have exaltation or friendly houses will also be impacted by one or more of these transiting planets. Hence this year is going to be a major crossing point for many people, and one should really try and take full benefit of this transit. 
The general prediction is that the world will witness major turbulence and worldwide many economies will experience major recession. Hence, as challenges of global events will impact and consume individual luck and events, it is necessary for every individual to understand the mysteries of the new year. For personal interpretations log on to

Aries – This is the year of Growth and New Partnerships.

The key for you this year will be to focus on the partnerships- be it love or businesses. For those who are married, it’s time to focus and enjoy the tiny moments in the relationship. There is a possibility for an expansion of your family and for those who already have children, they will add more joy to your life. For those who are single, this is the time for you to get married.
People who are in business will see new partnerships, expansion and growth in business. You will find a good partner with whom you can team up and you will also be rewarded for your demanding work. You may get a promotion or recognition at your workplace. Just be cautious during the last quarter of the year as you may see sudden shift in your luck and your overly ambitious projects may start losing money. Be Calm and grounded.
People in art, music, leadership roles, law and advisory roles will excel. On your health side, focus on your dietary habits. People indulging in romantic liaisons may need to be more receptive emotionally.

Taurus – You will see a transformation in the first 9 months and then sudden changes in the last quarter.

This year will be the year of realization, introspection and an experience of mixed results. Try to learn as much as you can from elders especially from your parents, teachers and those you trust since the very beginning. Seek their guidance and enrich yourself. Your mind will try to resolve matters and will try to resist traditions and advice from elders but force yourself to seek guidance from elders, teachers or spiritual gurus than relying on your stubborn mindset. Your enemies will be lurking to destroy you but will be unsuccessful in doing so. You will be tested with sudden challenges and your innate ability to stand tall should allow you to steer through any challenges successfully.  
Financially it will not be a challenging year but those who put in hard steps will surely see a lot of gains during the last quarter. Be calm and relaxed and meditate.

The gain and hard steps you put into your career will give you rewards in the last quarter and your neglect towards your spouse or partner will also be reflected in the last quarter of the year. Those who can understand the art of balancing will ride the wave better.


Gemini – Year of passion, romance, love and partnerships. Are you in the game? 
Those who are single by now, should have found a partner and should be ready for marriage in the coming year. For those who are married and yet to have kids, this is a good year to expand your family. And those who are still looking to enjoy their life wilding away, it is a good time for romance and passion. 
It is time to excel at your work and in building networks and partnerships. You can focus on multiple goals at work and those in business can start multiple companies. Try to be grounded and focus only on those areas that you are good at. Any business or partnership that has a shady color will impact you in the last quarter when Rahu enters the house of Taurus and Jupiter is debilitated.
Try to be careful with your health during the first half of the year. Try to do a lot of Yoga or aerobics to keep yourself fit. It is time for some meditation to keep your mind in control. Only those who have tried to calm their nerves and have kept a steady mind will be able to focus on larger goals and achieve success that lie ahead this year. 

Cancer – Building Trust and strengthening relationships will be the focus.
By the end of 2019, you would have realized that you have been in a dog fight, be it work or family or in relationships. You would have experienced a lot of transformations in yourself and your surroundings. The general feeling of losing out used to creep in but at the same time you were overwhelmed with sudden successes. 
The start of 2020 will be exciting. For those who have understood the purpose of life or who have put in the hard work, will see stability and sustainable rewards in relationships, work or health. This is the year where you will find your partner more accommodating and supportive of your needs. 
In your workplace and in position of authority, will see that your colleagues and juniors will listen and accept your view and support your vision. For those who are putting hard steps, you can expect promotion in the first half of the year. Just take careful steps and use diplomacy to win bigger battles.

Leo – This year will be for Long travels, Luck and Spiritual Transformation. 
Jupiter aspect will direct you to seek knowledge and help you transform your outlook towards life. You will be finding your true self during the year. You will be advised from your parents, teachers or elders. 
Foreign travel is on the cards for those seeking higher learning or better career growth. You will make more money overseas this year than at your home front. In many cases you may even move overseas and position outside your home place. 
Be careful with extravagant expenditures as it may put you in severe financial strain. Try not to take legal matters into your hands. It is better to avoid any investments or partnerships that involve risky legal matters. 
You will see a lot of changes in your partner. Both of you will explore the meaning of life and marriage. For those who are single, you may find the right partner for yourself.
The last quarter will be a bit turbulent. In general, all turbulences will create new opportunities. For personal interpretations log on to
Virgo – Get ready for rewards and some unexpected gains
Virgo is the only Zodiac that will not have a direct impact by any of the three major transit planets namely Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu during the year. Saturn will impact Virgo through 10th house till Jan 22nd and afterwards Saturn will move to Capricorn and lose its aspect on Virgo zodiac. Likewise, Jupiter will impact Virgo through 9th house after Nov 20th, 2020 when it will enter debilitated Capricorn. 
The events and occurrences happening in your life is within your control this year. Being methodical and structured will find you in a good position if you plan for turbulence and challenges of the forth coming economic downturn. As none of the major transiting planets lend support this year, rewards and risk depend primarily on your individual charts. 
After a long year of arduous work, this is the year for sudden growth in your wealth. This is the year you need to make sure you clear all your debts.
Family will be your focus and you will be spending a lot of time ensuring that your family is in a sound position. That approach will itself take you closer to your spouse, children and family members. This year you will be rewarded for all the demanding work and you will gain some good monetary rewards. Use it for the welfare of your family or in reducing your outstanding debts.
You need to be careful with your health. Try to incorporate an exercise regime in your lifestyle. 
For those who want to look for a business or an expansion, this is the time for you to consider. You will be finding some good partnerships. However, ensure due diligence and background checks have been performed before inking any business deals or forging a new partnership. The second half of the year will be a bit turbulent, but you will wade over it if you put your groundwork successfully. 

Libra – Get ready for a Successful Career, Fame and Rewards.
This is again one of the most interesting years for you in terms of your career, fame and rewards. You need to work hard and have a single-minded focus to achieve your objectives.
This is the year where you will find short trips that may be work related or a recreational one. You may be focused more towards leisureliness and will be indulging in fun loving activities. This year your love life may take an important route. It is not a bad space to be in but do not overindulge or it may backfire.
Work wise you will be doing well, especially for people in the field of creativity, liberal arts and music. People in engineering, Oil & Gas, mining have a higher chance of achieving windfall profits. For those in politics, this is a good year and people will follow you, and your position as a leader will improve. All the above fields are dynamic professions. Most of the success depends on the place of your stars in your natal chart. For those in business, you will form new partnerships. People in construction business, travel and tourism, food and beverage and earth sciences will do decent. For personal interpretations log on to
Scorpio - You star the year with renewed vigor and strong spiritual perspective.
The impact of Sade Sati Saturn will be leaving your Zodiac from Jan 24th. This will bring new challenges and opportunities in your life. By now you should have learned the lessons of life and have become more matured and ready to face the world with new force and energy. For those who are still languid and have not bucked up are wasting their potential at their own peril. 
For those who have worked hard, struggled and learnt the lessons of life will see tremendous gains from unexpected corners. 
Family and siblings are close to your heart. This is the year when they will look up to you for direction, so be ready to give your time towards their development. This year will test your penchant for gambling pursuits. While you may be lucky in making big bucks on risky investments and shares and stocks, it is always wise to take a measured approach.
Spend time with your partner and make your relationship stronger as it needs some attention.
By the end of the first half, things will change, and it will give you a stronger inkling towards spirituality. You will work towards greater good and strike a balance between creating wealth and strengthening family relationships. This year is a great year provided you master the art of managing expectations and goals.


Sagittarius – The Golden Year is waiting for you.
Jupiter will be in your own house for full one year. You will witness a rare phenomenon just before the start of new year (December 26 & Dec 27) where by 6 planets are positioned in your house.  Further from Jan 22nd, Saturn will be transiting your house and entering Capricorn signaling last leg of much feared Sade sati. 
All these combined till Nov 2020, when Jupiter will transit to debilitated Capricorn, you will have ‘Home Run’ in all the matters of life. You will be earning wealth, fame, success, love, romance, health. For those who are single, there is a high chance of getting married and for those who are married, you will be expanding your family.
Maximize your time and try to gain as much as possible during this period. Even if you are experiencing the last leg of sadasati, this one year should give you very good results provided you play your cards well. In the next year November, Jupiter will enter Capricorn and will be debilitated. The final year impact of the Saturn will depend on the way your birth chart and your dasa period are in place but nevertheless this year you should maximize your returns and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 



Capricorn – Preparation and Planning will be your best friends this year. 
 Saturn transit will commence from Jan 24th and will bring Saturn sadasati in mid-point for the next 2.5 years. However, Saturn being your house lord will always benefit you and support your endeavors. By now you would have planned for all the challenges ahead of you and would be working assiduously towards victory.
You will find a lot of growth in your position and will have to take on more responsibilities. This is the year where you will be a part of public speaking or leadership roles. You should practice meditation as it is equally important for your growth. 
This year you may find some trouble with your partner. Keep them in good books. It is temporary but should ease as the impact of Rahu starts wearing off by Sept 23d of next year. 
Your strength is in planning so work towards the set plan. Try to work hard all round the year even if you are getting a lot of success. From Nov 2020, Jupiter will be transiting the house of Capricorn where it is debilitated. 
So those who are single, try to get married this year. Those who want to take up higher studies, start this year and those who want to start a new business, plan to start this year. Again, success and occurrence of events depends on placement of planets on your natal chart. Have a blissful year ahead.


Aquarius – This a start of a New Horizon. You are the master of your fate and it is you who can chart your own course.
You will be more grounded and focused on the task that is in your way. Saturn being your house lord will now make you work diligently and will push you to excel in the areas of your strength. You will soon realize that you are no longer in dreamy, airy place that you were known for. 
For starters, your career will take upturn and will start giving immense success. That means you are now working like a maniac as it comes with the package. 
On the love front, you will see that you are becoming more stable emotionally towards your partner. For those who are single, you will see a change in yourself and will be looking for a partner. 
This is the time for not developing an interest in speculative trading and investments. Try to avoid risky gambling as it may get addicting and can take you towards a path to peril. Be prepared for an exciting 2020 as the next 7 years will give you a lot of new challenges and successes.

Pisces – This year you will discover the power of your inner self.
2020 is a year to turn your previous efforts into reality and a year of sudden gains. It’s time to turn inwards and dwell on a stronger inner strength and courage. You will receive a lot of support on challenges that lie ahead. Your siblings will be your area of focus and attention. Students will receive rewards, awards and recognition. It’s an appropriate time to grow in your career or academically during the first quarter of 2020.
The second half of the year is an appropriate time to purchase a new car or a house. Your year is packed with events and appointments. Bring out your diary and get organized!
You may be blessed with children and they will give you immense happiness. Those wanting to invest in entertainment, sports or any speculative business will attain fame and great returns. The first half of the year is a favorable time for actors, creative artists, public speakers and speculative business investors. Health conditions may cause slight stress; hence yoga and meditation will be beneficial. Keep a track on your food habits and exercise routine. Try to remain positive and have an honest attitude in all matters related to marriage and partnership. In your work front, responsibilities and workload may heighten. Stay calm and focused as remarkable things are on your way in 2020
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