On Raksha Bandhan, a 'protective' brother can gift these 'safe' presents to his sister

Every brother pledges to protect his sister and promises to be by her side forever. The sacred bond which exists between the siblings is beyond words. 

On Raksha Bandhan, a 'protective' brother can gift these 'safe' presents to his sister Pic Courtesy: Pixabay (Representational Image)

The festival of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ is celebrated across the country as a mark of love, trust and promise between a brother and his sister. Every brother pledges to protect his sister and promises to be by her side forever. The sacred bond which exists between the siblings is beyond words. But the fact that in today’s time when ‘women safety’ is of utmost importance—we decided to help ideal brothers find some necessary and important gift items which could help their ‘sisters’ feel safe and secure. Let’s take a look at some:

Self-defence classes 

For any brother, who wishes to really gift something meaningful to his sister, there is nothing better than sponsoring a ‘self-defence’ training programme for her. There is no better way to deal with an unwarranted situation than face it boldly. The girls should be capable of fixing a punch on the face. There are many specialised schools and women associations which impart such training, also online programmes are available on various websites (do some recce for your loved one).  Try looking for it in some well-known gyms too.

Pepper Spray

This must-have self-protection spray needs to be in every girl’s bag to keep troublemakers at bay. This can be used as a self-help tool in emergency situations, as it causes inflammation and the eyes tend to close, taking away vision for some time. This temporary blindness allows the attacker to lose track of the entire condition. Also, using pepper spray for self-defence is the easiest way to escape. It is easily available at various chemist shops, but in case you find yourself at a loss, there are many online websites offering it at a reasonable price. Go buy it now for your sister!

Honeycomb Hairbrush

Ever heard that your hairbrush can actually fight mischief-makers? Well, yes it certainly can! This unique idea of gifting your little sister a ‘honeycomb hairbrush’ might make her smile after looking at the present, but she surely will cherish it forever. This brush is made from Zytel and can work as a dagger. You can place an online order now for your sister’s beauty cum safety measures.

Smartphone with a safety app downloaded!

Be a smart brother this ‘Raksha Bandhan’ and gift your sister an android or iOS-based smartphone which has all the necessary safety apps downloaded already. Trust me, your sibling will just smile and give you a tight hug for not just pampering her with a brand new smartphone but also thinking about her safety first. You can download apps such as BSAFE app for iOS, Android and Blackberry, FIGHTBACK app for Android and Nokia Devices, NIRBHAYA app and DAMINI app for Android users, SCREAM ALARM app for Android devices, SENTINEL app for Android and iOS devices, LIFE 360 FAMILY LOCATER app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices, WOMEN SAFE CIRCLE app for Windows devices, HOLLABACK app for iOS and Android devices and IFOLLOW app for Android and iOS devices. The options are ample—make your choice now!

Stun guns (Taser)

This unusual and peculiar gift item can actually be an effective self-help tool for girls in distress. The idea of stun guns in very popular in the West, and is slowly catching up in India as well. The stun gun also known as Taser, works in such a fashion that it generates electric shock every time it’s used. Interestingly, this makes the attacker lose consciousness for about half an hour so, making way for the victim to run away. Time plays a pivotal role in such unwanted situations and this gift can come in handy. These are easily available on various online e-commerce portals and can be ordered at a reasonable price tag. Make your loved one feel stronger and safer now!


Yes, last but not the least comes the assurance by a brother to her sister that come what may, he will stand for her always. The fact that this pure sibling revelry shall always remain untouched by any evil is a bigger gift than anything else. So, stand up for your sister this ‘Raksha Bandhan’ and make her feel doubly assured that thou shall stay protected forever and ever!

Happy Raksha Bandhan to our readers!