This Valentine’s Day know your sign-mate, as explained by Dr Sundeep Kochar

A person's zodiac sign brings to light their traits and also speaks about the kind of relationship they will have. 

This Valentine’s Day know your sign-mate, as explained by Dr Sundeep Kochar Photo courtesy: Pixabay

Love knows no boundaries and every year, Valentine’s week is a way to celebrate the warmth that comes along with it. The course of love life, just like everything else, is determined by the stars, says famous astrologer Dr Sundeep Kochar

A person's zodiac sign brings to light their traits and also speaks about the kind of relationship they will have. Little do people know that having a successful relationship is based entirely on the study of zodiac signs. 

According to Dr Sundeep Kochar, "In order to keep your partner happy, knowing about their moon sign gives you a great opportunity to plan ahead and woo them. For instance, Leo loves when given all the attention in the world. So, if your partner is a Leo, you might want to shower them with gifts and compliments this Valentine’s Day." 

Here is what you should know about the romantic traits of each sun sign just before Valentine’s Day. 


Straightforward and sincere, Aeries will tell you about their feelings clearly. They are pure with their intentions and impressing them takes something as little as honesty. If you have an Aeries partner, be with them and assure them of your presence with care and compassion, that’s all they will ever ask. 


Practical is a way of life for Taurus. The same reflects in their love life and they try to build a comfortable life for themselves and their partners. A partner of this sun sign will be very happy if you acknowledge their efforts in keeping you happy. Go out for a candlelight dinner followed by a walk and indulge in deep conversations where you tell them how much you admire their efforts.


Fascination and all things glittery define a Gemini’s love interests. Exploring and learning new things every day when it comes to romancing is their ideal way of life. “Plan a day out full of surprises and have hearty conversations with your Gemini partner. Steal moments to express your love and you’ll never see the spark die in your relationship,” suggests Dr Sundeep Kochar. 


A Cancerian will turn into an open book once they feel a connection with you. Emotionally honest, they don’t keep calm in a crisis or when you have a fight. Seeking commitments that last a long time, a Cancer’s best gift this Valentine’s Day would be a proposal to be together. Make a ‘till death do us part’ promise and you are sure to make this V-day your most memorable one.


A luminous ball of enthusiasm, Leos love drama, and the attention that follows. When in a serious relationship, they forget their ego and are committed for life. Make the most lavish plans for your Leo partner and take them out for drives or long walks under the night sky on this February 14, and experience magic.


Everything small will be remembered when you are in a relationship with a Virgo. They are devoted and prefer communicating about everything to you with honesty. This year, celebrate love by clearing out all your differences and see how they forget the negatives real fast. Give your Virgo partner small and meaningful gifts that they will cherish forever.


Peaceful at heart and charming in nature, Libras make the best people to partner with. They tackle everything and deal with it instead of running away and thus, possess a natural quality of being in charge. This V-day, surrender to your partner and see how they surprise you.


A love for the unknown and diving deep with their partners defines a Scorpio. They have captivating passion and intensity and love if you can reciprocate the same. Plan a day that exudes passion and depicts your love for them. According to Dr Sundeep Kochar, a personalized gift is perfect to start the day.


A seeker of new experiences, a Sagittarius is open-minded and wants to see where the relationship will tread by experimenting. They are romantic to the core and love to flirt and play, this Valentine’s reply to your Sagittarius partner with flirtation and be open to a playful twist to make the most of the day.


Loyal, thoughtful, and dedicated, Capricorn will give it all they have in a relationship. They will give their best and invest time when they will see a partner who is dedicated. Their love for sensuality will also help you explore so much more this year on V-day. Be prepared. 


Aquarians have a way of getting deep and personal with you and understand basic human nature very well. Progressive and committed at the same time, they are ideal lovers and appreciate a relationship that’s intense. To woo your Aquarius partner this Valentine’s, make sure you let them know the love you have for them. 


Dreamy and starry-eyed, Pisces has a lot of traits that resemble other signs, making them wise. They are hopeless romantics and live in their own world of love. "To make a Pisces happy, it is as simple as breathing. Tell them you love them while looking in their eyes and they will clearly see your sensitivity," says Dr Sundeep Kochar.  They are charismatic and literally do not demand anything other than attention. 

With all the information in your hands, make sure to use it in the best possible way and tell your partner how much you love them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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