Valentine's Day 2019: Gift ideas for men

Check out these gift ideas that will instantly put a smile on his face. (Yep, thank us later)

Valentine's Day 2019: Gift ideas for men Image Courtesy: Pixabay Image used for representation purpose

It's that time of the year again when those in a relationship are busy planning how to spend Valentine's day with their significant other. Along with love, the air is full of confusion too as many are wondering what would be the perfect gift for their soulmate.

If you are also still wondering about what to get your man for Valentine's day, we are here at your rescue!

Check out these gift ideas that will instantly put a smile on his face. (Yep, thank us later)

1. Letter

These days we mostly express how we feel through 'texts'. But nothing beats the old school way of sending letters! This Valentine's, send a good old fashioned love letter to your man and make him feel loved!

2. Video of your best times together

If you are among those who love to capture memories, this is the best time to use them. Take out your best pictures and make a small video using any movie maker app. Use your favourite love song in the video and show it to him when you both meet.

3. Handmade card 

Cards are a great way to express love. This Valentine's, rather than going out to buy a card, spend some time to make a card for your beloved. You can try out different ways and see what suits you the best. 

4. Customised phone cover

Want him to be reminded of you each time he picks up his phone? Gift him a phone cover with both of your photograph on it! Customised phone covers are available at photo studios and are a great gift for Valentine's.

5. Diary

Get a simple diary and fill up as many pages as you can writing how much he means to you. You can even write the lyrics of your favourite romantic tracks or use some love poems to express your love. Each time he feels unloved, he can simply read a page or two from the diary.

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