Weekly Horoscope: Check out Tarot card predictions for this week- April 2- 8

Check out tarot card predictions for this week (April 2 - 8) by Ruchira Mittal here.  

Weekly Horoscope: Check out Tarot card predictions for this week- April 2- 8
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It's a new day, a new week and a new beginning. Its all about starting life afresh. So as you begin a new journey, know what the Tarot cards have in store for you this week.

We all know, there are twelve zodiac signs and each has its distinct feature. Be it, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and last but not the least Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces - each of the signs have something unique to tell.

Check out tarot card predictions for this week (April 2 - 8) by Ruchira Mittal here.


Don't be tough on yourself for not measuring up, in fact, know that your positive influence has facilitated excellent outcomes. I suggest exploring a course of action which will harmonise what you desire with what is currently possible. Be practical. Trust in the good sense you have displayed up to this point. Recognise your good intentions in carrying out your responsibilities- you are a compassionate person. This week you will demonstrate the finest aspects of your personality. Bring a healing, calming influence to the situation (whatever it be) and take full credit for being the supportive one. Lovely!


You will work behind the scenes and help someone. This could be your boss if at work and a younger person in your private space. An excellent week, where you are told that nothing can go wrong! Doesn't mean that you can be foolhardy, but it does mean that you can relax.


Back breaking work this week- you have been handed this responsibility because you have the ability to see it right through the end. Not many people are reposed with so much trust. Your in-laws may be visiting and you may pray that they come another week- you really have so much to do.


Time is of the essence this week. If you've seen the big picture, take action and do not procrastinate. The time for debate is over and you will find yourself in the seat of the navigator, at work or in relationships. Overcome the tendency to get distracted. You do not even need to seek the approval of others. the right ideas will come to you.


This week share your wisdom and extend support to others. You will find a course of action which will harmonise what you want with what is currently possible. Before you do anything, you must examine your conscience closely and bring your personal ambition into synch with what is best for everyone. You can then participate in your community, family or situation with great integrity and an ability to communicate. Work and love are just fine.


I love your week for the power it gives you. You can paint your own picture and bring it to life. Just be careful of what you wish for- wishes come true with this reading. Please do not allow negativity in.


There can be some disappointments in store- minor ones, yet can be annoying. You may be thinking of disentangling yourself from an emotional mess you find yourself in. Develop a thick skin! You may decide to strike out on your own and become more independent.


The week is all about family and love. Get in touch with your family and keep them in the loop about what you are up to. You will be surprised at how much strength you will get from them. A week of bonhomie and celebrations. Yes, sometimes strings of attachment are important.


You are the team leader this week and your will take your team to victory. Act fearlessly upon your ideas, even if they seem to be extraordinary and a bit ruthless. You will win this round. The week is good and one where you will come on top, despite challenges.


Success awaits you and there are no substantial obstacles. Be practical in your wishes and decisions. It will help expedite the process of bringing you to your goals. You are meant to find ownership of your life. This is the week to begin. An opportunity for self-empowerment is manifesting. Understand that in the way you express yourself, you hold a lot of power. You are the deciding factor and circumstances will move in the direction that you steer them. Clarity and sure-footedness are critical. Seize the opportunity to influence, because life is waiting for you.


The cards wants you to take a clear look at your life. Are you stalled or distracted? You may have been weighed down by negativity, or perceived limitation. This is not good for you. Do not look at life through a narrow lens anymore. If you can't decide what you want- strike out what you do not want and answers will come.


When you decide to dedicate yourself to hard work- freedom and flexibility will follow as you will become stronger and more and more confident. Soon, you will decide the hows and whys at work. You are in a position where your hard work can make a huge difference to your projects/ office/ business. It will not be working in vain. Big blessing.