Delhi has the highest number of CCTVs in the world, more than London and New York

India's capital is the most surveilled city in the world ranking above New York, Shanghai and London. Two Indian cities are among the top 20, check list here.

Delhi has the highest number of CCTVs in the world, more than London and New York

New Delhi: Delhi is in the list of most surveilled cities in the world, the national capital is only the second Indian city to be awarded this distinction among other major international hubs like US' New York city, China's Shanghai and UK's London.

As per a data for the world's most surveilled cities compiled by Forbes India, New Delhi ranks first among a list of 20 other cities. Delhi reportedly has 1,826.6 CCTVs covering per square mile.

(Data compiled by ForbesIndia. Source: Comparitech. Figures as of May 2021) 

Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took the opportunity to compliment the city officers and engineers for achieving the mission in a short time.

On microblogging site Twitter, he shared the report by ForbesIndia and wrote: "Feel proud to say that Delhi beats cities like Shanghai, NY n London with most CCTV cameras per sq mile. Delhi has 1826 cameras, London has 1138 cameras per sq mile. My compliments to our officers and engineers who worked in mission mode n achieved it in such a short time."

The other Indian city featuring in the list in Tamil Nadu's capital city of Chennai with 609.9 cameras per square miles ranking third in the world. London ranking second, is just behind Delhi with 1138.5 CCTVs per square mile. 

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