Arc Technologies and Institutions students hired by Google, HCL, other top IT firms

And the negative impact of the pandemic and the lockdowns has worsened the situation for job seekers. 

Arc Technologies and Institutions students hired by Google, HCL, other top IT firms

Unemployment is emerging as a major problem in India after the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns. But that did not stop the students of Arc Technologies and Institutions from getting jobs from top IT firms.

Nagpur, Maharashtra-based Arc Technologies and Institutions, is proud to announce that its students have been hired by Google, HCL, other leading multinational companies (MNCs), and IT firms.

Getting a job in a top company was always a hard task for freshers. And the negative impact of the pandemic and the lockdowns has worsened the situation for job seekers. According to the latest report from International Labour Organization (ILO), unemployment across the world is predicted to continue above pre-Covid-19 levels until at least 2023. This is because 207 million people are unemployed this year, which is almost 21 million more than in 2019.

Apart from that, unemployment has also increased because of the demand for IT jobs, which continues to grow thanks to the large salary packages available in the industry. The growing demand for high paying IT jobs has led to a rise in the number of freshers and job seekers who get trained from IT institutes whose quality of education is of a low standard. There is no dearth of such institutes at the moment, due to which it has also become easier for people employed in non-technical fields to switch to the IT sector. But, there is also an increase in individuals who get trained from high-standard IT institutes. All this has added to the challenge for a newbie to get a job in not just top IT firms but also startups.

In such difficult times, you need a mentor like Arc Technologies and Institutions that not only provides affordable and high-quality technical education but also placement as per the work opportunities available. Arc Technologies and Institutions are extremely concerned about the future of their students. After training the students, the institute walks an extra mile with them by helping them get jobs in companies that pay handsome salary packages.

Established in 2015 by Vicky Gawande & Goldy Sahu, Arc Technologies and Institutions provides technical training in Java, Salesforce, Python, PHP, Web Development, Cloud, Mean Stack, and more. The institute’s instructors and developers are globally certified by leading MNCs and have over 5 years of expertise in their fields.

Arc Technologies and Institutions has so far helped over 500 of its students get jobs in various companies, including top MNCs like Accenture, Cognizant, TCS, HCL, and even Google.

This can be seen from the below-given list of students that have been hired by Google, HCL and other leading MNCs and IT firms.

Sagar Rokade ( Company - HCL, CTC: 21 LPA )

Shantanu Udapure ( Company - Google, CTC: 11LPA )

Abhay Manmode ( Company- ClaimGenius, CTC: 4.5 LPA )

Abhijit Bhoge ( Company - GetOnCRM solutions, CTC: 3.5 LPA )

Anushree Awachat ( Company - TCS, CTC: 3.6 LPA )

Utkarsha Warhade ( Company - Cognizant, CTC: 4.5 LPA )

Rishav Mishra ( Company - RMGX, CTC 4.8 LPA )

Bhagyashree Anchalwar ( Company - Amdocs, CTC: 4 LPA )

Disha Bhagwat ( Company - Accenture, CTC: 4.5 LPA )

Manthan Deshmukh ( Company - Accenture, CTC: 5 LPA )

Nilkanth Bhagat ( Company - Citius Tech, CTC: 5 LPA )

Lavesh Kumbhalkar ( Company - Great place IT Services, CTC 4.8 LPA )

Lalit Roshankhede ( Company - Citius Tech, CTC: 5 LPA )

Nitin Gour ( Company - 5Exeptions Software Solutions, CTC: 5 LPA )

Vijay Barapatre ( Company- Aptonline, CTC: 6 LPA)

What the achievers have to say:

Sagar Rokade, who got a job with HCL, says, “I started my journey as a fresher with Arc Technologies and Institutions. I got to learn the basics and fundamentals of software development, but most importantly, I got to learn business ethics and integrity to grow in my career. I became an intern as I completed the full stack developer course and connected with various people to share and enhance professional and personal aspects of myself. With constant updates on its courses and updated technology, Arc has always kept growing in all aspects of IT education. This has also provided us with a chance to experience this journey of growth. Thanks to Vicky Sir, who’s there to answer all our questions and gives his honest feedback and suggestions to find our own path to success.”

Shantanu Udapure, who was picked up by Google, says, “This training institute is an epitome of future success. It has helped me a lot in one or the other way. The guidance, the help needed, the crystal clear technical work environment at Arc have given me immense experience in the corporate world. I’m exceptionally thankful to Vicky Sir for his excellent guidance all over these years. It is the best training institute in Nagpur and sure to become one of the best in India.”


Abhay Manmode, who is now happily employed with ClaimGenius, says, “Thanks for bringing us an excellent teaching and valuable guidance!! Arc is an excellent institute with experience and extraordinary trainers. It was a good experience studying at this institute, from where I now have memories to cherish for a lifetime. My experience at Arc was full of learning and grooming. It allowed me to meet different talented team members and learned many things from them. I am thankful to mentors and the entire team for providing us with a quality education. Overall, it was a great experience. This institute not only made me technically strong, but also made me strong enough to achieve anything in my life. Please keep delivering and developing quality education. I express my sincere and grateful. Thanks!”