From Integration Of JEE, NEET Into CUET To AI In School, AISECT Chairman Reflects On India's Educational Landscape

In conversation with Zee News English on the sidelines of the 2024 World Book Fair in New Delhi, Dr. Santosh Choubey shared his views on the ever-evolving landscape of the Indian education sector.

From Integration Of JEE, NEET Into CUET To AI In School, AISECT Chairman Reflects On India's Educational Landscape

New Delhi: India, being a young nation, finds itself at a critical juncture in its education sector, brimming with youth poised to shape its future. However, to empower this youth to chart the nation's course forward, the country must first establish frameworks to guide their development and growth trajectory. In an effort to equip the country's youth with the necessary tools to enhance both their academic and vocational skills, the government introduced the National Education Policy 2020 and the Skill India mission.

To delve into the impacts of various facets of the ever-evolving educational landscape, encompassing everything from entrance examinations to artificial intelligence, Zee News English talked to Chairman of AISECT, and chancellor of five universities, Dr. Santosh Choubey.

Sharing his insights on the multidisciplinary education system, Dr. Choubey emphasized its significance as outlined in the NEP 2020. He stressed that for holistic human development, individuals require both a scientific temperament and artistic sensibility to comprehend society.

"I believe that to be a well-rounded individual, one must possess both a scientific temperament and the heart of a literary person," said Santosh Choubey. "Humanities and Science should coexist, and Engineering and liberal arts should complement each other, fostering individuals capable of navigating the emerging world," he added.

Multiple Languages In Schools

Dr. Choubey applauded the government's decision to incorporate vernacular teaching systems. Commenting on CBSE's initiative to introduce the learning of multiple languages in schools, Dr. Choubey remarked, "In a world becoming increasingly interconnected, proficiency in multiple languages can unlock numerous opportunities globally."

"With Europe experiencing a shortage of skilled professionals, proficiency in their languages can facilitate employment opportunities for Indians in the West," he added.

Is the Merger of JEE and NEET into CUET Viable?

Responding to queries regarding the integration of JEE and NEET into CUET, Dr. Choubey suggested maintaining some degree of separation based on domains. "While merging exams within the same domain, such as JEE for engineering, is acceptable, separate examinations based on domains should be conducted. Convergence should be limited to specific domains," he explained.

Introduction of AI in Schools

Artificial intelligence (AI), a cornerstone of the digital age, is rapidly evolving, necessitating measures to ensure its ethical utilization. Dr. Choubey advocated for the introduction of basic AI lessons in school curricula to familiarize children with this emerging technology and prepare them for the future.

Supporting the idea of integrating artificial intelligence into school curricula, Dr. Choubey stressed the importance of acquiring knowledge from virtual spaces. He emphasized the need for think tanks to devise strategies for its implementation.