Ola Electric creates new record, sells over 25,000 units in December 2022

Ola Electric ended 2022 with good business, closing the year with sales of 25,000 electric scooters in the Indian market and a 30 percent growth in its market share.

Ola Electric creates new record, sells over 25,000 units in December 2022

Ola Electric, a manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, reported that it sold more than 25,000 units in December 2022. In addition, the company grew its market share to 30 percent in India. In other words, the sales for the two-wheeler manufacturer in December 2022 have created new records. By the end of March 2023, the company, which has been growing its direct-to-consumer business, said it is on target to open 200 locations. There are currently 100 experience centres open across the nation.

Talking about the same, Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said in a tweet, "A December to Remember! We sold 25000 scooters & grew our market share to 30%. India’s EV revolution has truly taken off! 2023 will be even bigger. Onwards and upwards."

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Ola Electric Founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said 2022 has proven to be the inflection point in India's journey towards becoming a global EV hub. "If last year has shown us the true potential of India's EV market, next year is poised to open the floodgates for EVs in the country," he added.

In addition, the business just released MoveOS 3, the most recent software update, to more than 1 lakh users (OTA). The more than 50 new features and performance improvements in MoveOS 3 are designed to maximise the potential of Ola's S1 scooters. Another important advantage of the change is that Ola scooters are now compatible with the company's rapidly growing Hypercharger network, which is presently spread across 27 Indian states.

Meanwhile, the company also plans on venturing into the electric car market with the launch of the Ola Electric car. The company has teased the vehicle multiple times. However, the car is still in the development phase and needs a lot of work before its launch in India. The company claims the car will have a range of over 500 km.

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