10 qualities women love in a guy!

10 qualities women love in a guy!

Sure women love men – no matter how defensive they get about their gender or how feminist they are in their hearts. However, like men, women too have their set of preferences and it may vary with the different kind of men. So what kind of men do women really look out for? That's the real question at hand. While men generally fall for the pretty ones – women are a lot complicated when it comes to picking out the guy for a date.

So, to ease things off for men who are looking out for their better halves and are pondering why they are still single – we have a list of 10 qualities that women love the most in a man. May be the next time you meet a girl, you'll keep these things in mind!

Check them out:


If you have heard the song 'Ain't your mama' by Jennifer Lopez you would know what we are talking about. Women do not want to be your caretakers – although being caring is different altogether. Women look for men who don't care about gender roles and are ready to take care of themselves and their girlfriends too.


Those who thought this department strictly belongs to women are wrong. Women like men to be well-groomed to the point that they know how to dress up well for an occasion. It doesn't mean they like men to be stylish – but for them to be just attentive towards their appearance and personality.

Good listeners:

Needless to say, women always want men to be better listeners. Although it doesn't mean you should be all ears and never give your bit to the conversation. Women like men who are easy to talk to, good listeners, and at the same time are good talkers.

Good social IQ:

Many women who are socially active dread this quality in their guys. A woman in general, likes those men who are easy conversationalist and with whom words aren't a problem. They should be outgoing and exuberant in their demeanour – if not flamboyant.

Good sense of humour:

Do we need to say how imperative it is for a woman to find this quality in a man, let alone her guy? Women like men who are smooth and have a great sense-of-humour. No it doesn't mean she wants a television set in the form of a guy – it's just that it is one of those qualities that women are irresistibly and unconsciously attracted to.


By ambitious, we don't mean overtly enterprising. It's just the quality of being clear-headed and knowing what you want to do in life. It's not the fat paychecks, but the confidence and passion one has for their work. Women like men who are not laid-back and who effortlessly yield to a mediocre lifestyle.

Great looks:

Okay, let's get this straight. Women also look out for looks. And by looks we mean a whole set of facial features, physique and personality. Although for ages this idea has not been as well presented as the idea of a man looking for a perfectly beautiful lady – women too secretly admire the good looks of a man.


There may be a fair percentage of women who like the aggressive types. However, women in chunks, love men who are sensitive and calm. The saying “Men don't cry” doesn't go that well with most women these days anyways.


No matter what, most woman – if not all, want men to be protective about them. Not just them but about the people they care about in general. Women's admiration for men grows indefinitely for protective men. 


A woman wants a man to be passionate and endearing. He should not be hesitant in showing his undying passion for his woman while making love or otherwise.