Vastu tips to attract money and wealth

Vastu ideas to make your home attract wealth and prosperity!

Vastu tips to attract money and wealth
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Do you know that wealth and vastu could be related? Although we like to believe that wealth is only secondary in life, but the fact is that it is a necessity. 

Money makes the world go round. It is important, therefore, that we know the significance of vastu and home designing and its' connection with wealth.


Here we give you few handy tips suggested by Vastu experts across the country. Follow the tips to attract wealth to your abode:

  • Make your home Vastu perfect. Ensure that the north zone of Vastu has blue colour. Red should be avoided. This part of the house is designated for kitchen and toilet space.
  • Hang a picture of lush fields or thick forest in the north zone. This is good for attracting career options.
  • Keep a lovely entrance as it attracts prosperity. It is believed that dirty entrances bring troubles and bad luck.
  • South east or south west is the ideal place for kitchen. Colours like red, pink and orange can be used.
  • Colours for the west side inlcude – white and yellow. South-west is considered to be the zone of savings.
  • Practice the 4-Step Mahavastu method to maintain the positive energy in the house. Apt colours can be used to maintain this balance.