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Here’s logically explaining 10 Indian superstitious beliefs

Have we ever wondered why our elders asked us not to do certain things that we now call superstitions? 

Here’s logically explaining 10 Indian superstitious beliefs
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We have often heard our elders telling us not to do certain things on specific days or at a particular time. These “so-called” superstitious beliefs had logical explanations.

Here’s taking a look at some of the “superstitions” that indeed have logical reasons:

Sweeping the floor after sunset – In the olden days when there was no electricity, people were asked not to sweep the floor post sunset because they could probably lose or misplace important things lying on the floor.

Cutting nails after sunset –Cutting nails of the sunset too has a very logical explanation. In the absence of ample light, one could injure their fingers while trying to cut their nails.

Using a broken mirror – Using a broken mirror or glass could prove fatal as they are sharp and could cause injury while in use.

Plucking flowers post sunset – This is again related to the availability of proper light. Plucking flowers or leaves at night could prove dangerous as we could be bitten by poisonous insects or animals that could be resting on the tree at night.

Menstruating women must be isolated – How can a biological process which happens month-on-month to a woman’s body that eventually helps her bear a child be inauspicious. During menstruation, a woman undergoes mood swings, need rest and is hence asked to keep away from regular household chores.

Don’t cross the road after a cat passes by – People used bullock-as modes of transport and oil lamps as source of light at night in the olden days. To reach their destination, people had to pass through thick forests. There were chances of wild animals passing by. So if people could spot nocturnal animals from a distance owing to their glowing eyes, they could halt for a while to let the animal go and then proceed towards their destination.

Bats entering the house cause death – Some species of bat suck blood. They can transmit some life-threatening diseases. And this in turn could prove fatal to life.

Lizard falling on a person signifies death – Some lizards are poisonous and when they come in contact with the human body, they release a secretion from their bodies to defend themselves. And this secretion could be harmful to a person’s health.

Pregnant woman can’t go out during solar eclipse – During eclipses, the celestial bodies shift their positions and this causes changes in the movement and their alignment. The exposure to harmful ultra violet rays could prove harmful to the expecting mother and her baby.

Not to wash hair on a certain day – Washing hair everyday would require more water. But skipping hair wash for one day could help water conservation.