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Know how you can organise a Jagran at home!

Know how you can conduct a Jagran at home!

Know how you can organise a Jagran at home!
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Jagran also addressed as Jagrata or Jaag is an all-night vigil. One needs to stay awake whole night in remembrance of God and then celebrate the night by worshiping the respective deity and singing bhajans in their glory.

Jagran is usually performed when a desire is fulfilled. It's obvious that we will ask the Almighty to fulfill the said desires and on it's fulfillment one conducts a Jagran in their honour.

Here is how you can organise a Jagran:

This devotional night dedicated to the holy deity is performed from 10:pm onwards until early morning.

One may start the devotional programme with worshipping Lord Ganpati first as Lord Shiva has blessed him with this boon!

Followed by respective deity's pooja like if it's a Mata Rani's Jagran then she'll be worshipped with chanting holy mantras and proper rituals.

Then we light up the Akhand Jyot with chanting of auspicious mantras, all of this is performed in the vigilance of a pandit.

Followed by the chanting of mantras by the pandit and then the Aarti or the devotional prayer dedicated to the respective deity starts.

Later, the night is celebrated by singing aloud religious bhajans. Like one must have seen veteran singer Narendra Chanchal singing Mata Rani's bhajans whole night in her glory.

Followed by people coming in queue to offer garlands to the holy deity and then they bow down their heads to take blessings. People also dance to the tunes of holy bhajans and get immersed in the holy feel!

Gradually, as the light of the day can be seen, the Jagran mandli binds up the devotional night with Ardaas or a holy prayer!

Thereafter, people take the blessings by touching the Akhand jyot.

Lastly, the devotees come and take the prasad in the form of a bhog or a holy feast!