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Topics that are a big no-no in the workplace

Topics that should be sternly avoided at work place.

Topics that are a big no-no in the workplace

As the term 'professional life' indicates, it should be strictly work related. It is understandable enough that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, so you do need to lighten up when you're at work sometimes. But, you also need to be aware of the kind of topics your conversations at office revolve around. Surely, you don't want your colleagues or even yourself to become notorious regarding the subject of your workplace debates.

You should always, for example, stay away from discussions that may become fodder for the office grapevine with you as the main focus. Topics that can take a controversial turn, or revealing something that you weren't supposed to, can help you become famous, no doubt, but not exactly in a good way.

If you don't want your reputation in the office to plummet, we have some tips for you to follow regarding what should 'not' be spoken about in a professional setting. Read on to find out what they are!


Like they say religion divides more than it unites people; and it's extremely important to be a team player for the lucrative growth of the respective concern. Since religion is an extremely sensitive topic in the present times, it's better to stay away from discussing it. Especially in a diversified country like India where we must respect each others' beliefs; religion shouldn't become a hindrance at work. At the end of day, one must respect people by their work and not religion.


Politics is good for the nation, after all we all need a leader we can look up to. But lets keep it restricted till the voting booths and not bring it to our workplace. In case you want to avoid gaining the reputation of a scheming employee, keep politics away from yourself and try to steer clear of people who indulge in the practice. Your work requires you to be focused and goal-oriented so do just that without taking the political route.

Your Sex Life:

Well it's quite obvious why this topic shouldn't be discussed and not just in the workplace but with anyone whom you don't feel close to. You wouldn't want to be judged by people in a certain way and have them take you for granted. By practising this, you might become a victim to sexual harassment or some sort of mental torture and you might regret that later. So act wisely.

Your Career Aspirations:

It's good to be ambitious in life but always try to make the most of what you already have in hand. Even if you plan to switch, resist talking about it and give your 100 percent to the current job. If you start discussing about your future plans, then you aren't doing justice to your current job and your colleagues might feel that you aren't loyal and merely passing time. So keep pursuing your career aspirations, but let it speak through your actions and not words.

Miscellaneous problems:

Like they say change starts from within ourselves, so lets not wait for others to change. Simply stop cribbing for every little thing, now be it anything like your health, family, spouse, work-culture, Boss, etc. This way, your boss and colleagues won't take you seriously and will think cribbing is your usual habit. Remember that you were never promised luxuries of home in a work environment, so why complain?