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When Eva Mendes` voice didn`t sound intelligent

Los Angeles: Actress Eva Mendes says her character in a movie was dubbed by someone else because her voice did not sound intelligent.

The 39-year-old played a small role of Trish in 2001 action movie `Exit Wounds` starring Steven Seagal and was surprised to see how her character did not sound like her at all, reports

"It was a terrible film but I had a small part in it and I went in (to a screening) and I thought something was off when I came onto the screen, I sounded weird... and they dubbed my voice. And it wasn`t in a foreign language, it was an English film in English," Mendes said.

"I was told... when I enquired after that I didn`t sound intelligent enough... They replaced me with someone with a very high-pitched (voice) - and it was a Steven Seagal movie," she added.