Who was wife of Mahabharata’s Karna?

Karna was married to the daughter of Duryodhana’s charioteer – Satyasena.

Who was wife of Mahabharata’s Karna?
Pic courtesy: A grab from Mahabharat Katha. Actor Pankaj Dheer as Karna.

One of the most popular characters of Mahabharata – Karna – was best known for keeping up his committments and giving away his belongings to others. And hence he is rightly addressed as Daan Veer.

Karna was born out of wedlock to Kunti from Surya. Fearing dishonour, unwed mother Kunti put the baby in a basket and set it afloat a river. Right from his birth, Karna was blessed with Kavacha (armour) and Kundal (pair of earrings) that acted as shield and protected him from death.

Very little is known about his family besides his father Adhiratha, who had adopted him.

But here’s something about his wife – Vrushali.

Vrushali is believed to have been the daughter of Satyasen, Duryodhana’s charioteer. She gave way her life by setting herself ablaze on her husband’s funeral pyre. She was a lady blessed with great intellect.

Unlike the Pandavas, Karna married only once. He was a one woman man.

Karna and Vrishali had two sons Vrishasena and Susena.