Review: ‘Chaar Din Ki Chandni’ is a lukewarm comedy!

Zeenews Bureau

Director Samir Karnik’s attempt at a comedy of errors turns out to be tepid, and lacks the laughing-out-loud element. For a comedy, that is nothing short of fatal. Short-lived entertainment is all that the film offers to the viewer. Nothing grand, nothing phenomenal, nothing that stays on in your mind after you leave the theatre.

Names like Anita Raj, Chandrachur Singh and Harish are seen in various roles in the movie, and the film offers a platform for them to restart their journey in Bollywood. Perhaps. Working around the clichés of a joint family and dad-won’t-approve-of-girlfriend element, the film aims at providing occasions for viewers to laugh. However, that doesn’t work much.

The film abounds in many of the usual characters, spying mamajis and a battalion of people who fall for Chandni (Kulraj Randhawa). Veer (Tusshar Kapoor) brings his girlfriend Chandni home to attend an impending wedding in the family, and conceals her identity, introducing her to everyone as a journalist friend. Anupam Kher plays the role of the Rajasthan Royal father, whose averseness for anything non-Rajasthan compels Veer to disguise the identity of his Punjabi girlfriend.

The script takes you to a pandemonium of sorts, and by the time the mess clears, you are able to draw heavy resonances from ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’. Establishing love between the lead pair is one tedious job that the director has mercifully cut down up on. Also, another redeeming factor in the film is the marriage ceremony being relegated to the background, and is not exaggerated out of context.

The pretty, dimpled Kulraj Randhawa’s charm does a good job of charming the viewers in the first half, and Tusshar’s Sardar-guise serves as entertainment in the second. Several jokes fall flat and many others fail to incite laughter in the audience. The cat-and-mouse game towards the end of the movie is quite predictable and doesn’t make anybody roll with laughter. However, certain parts of the film do tickle a rib, and deserve a chuckle if not a laugh.

Ratings: Two cheers for this one!