Review: ‘Love Breakups Zindagi’ is a light-hearted film!

Zeenews Bureau

Actress Dia Mirza and Zayed Khan’s first production venture ‘Love Breakups Zindagi’ hits the theatres today.

The two actors have acted in the film as lead characters too. The film is based on Bollywood’s favourite genre – love and romance. It is a light hearted film with a subject that can engage varied audiences across different age groups.

The film revolves around five couples, all at different levels of chemistry and compatibility in their relationships. However, the main plot of the story revolves around Jai (Zayed Khan) and Naina (Dia Mirza).

Jai and Naina are both in a relationship but not with each other. They are in their own respective relationships with mismatched partners. When they meet at a common friend’s wedding, they realise there is spark between them, for they are instantly drawn towards each other.

Jai realises that he has fallen for Naina, but Naina takes longer to accept her feelings. What happens between the two and how they manage to get out of their existing situations and get together is for the climax to reveal.

The subject of the film is extremely relatable for we have all been through relationships. The light-hearted and humorous script, which is enveloped with love, confusions, confessions and goof ups, is capable of bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

Director Sahil Sangha, who made his debut with this film, has done a fair job. However, there is lack of crispiness in the film. The film is so predictable that it fails to make a mark on spectators mind, not too bad as a onetime entertainer.

However, variety to the chemistry and equations of other couples in the film would have surely made it a lot more engaging. All in all, a fair attempt by a bunch of debut producers and directors.

If you are looking for light-hearted film to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, we recommend this is a good pick!

Rating: Two cheers for this!

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