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Trance` torture scenes affected me: James McAvoy

London: Actor James McAvoy has spoken about filming the torture scenes in his new movie ‘Trance’, saying the shots affected him tremendously.

The Danny Boyle-directed film centres around crooked art auctioneer Simon (McAvoy), who has hidden a priceless painting but forgotten its location after suffering amnesia. A hypnotherapist then attempts to tease the truth out of his mind, reported Digital Spy.

"It did affect me a little bit. The torture stuff got to me, actually. It never usually does. I`m usually fine with all that stuff, and love being covered in blood and having my face bashed in, but I felt quite bad about myself for a couple of days on this one.

"It starts as an art heist like Thomas Crown Affair, but it`s not really about that. It`s noir-ish at times. There`s an essential idea of crime, but it`s not really about money. Rosario Dawson`s character at one point behaves like a femme fatale, but it`s not really the icy blonde that you know - it`s a much more damaged and emotional story than that, ultimately," he said.