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Vidya’s ‘Kahaani’ has a ‘male’ heroine!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: So now it has been established beyond doubt that Vidya Balan doesn’t need a hero in her films – going strictly by the stereotypical version of the word ‘hero’. In ‘Kahaani’, while the apparently helpless but conniving Vidya Bagchi makes sure that every pair of eye is riveted on her, Satyaki – aka Rana – helps Vidya steer her chariot to her destiny.

True to the meaning of his name, Satyaki, Arjun’s charioteer, shares almost every frame with Vidya in the film. He is constantly seen by her, guiding Vidya through the inexplicable mazes of Kolkata, acting as a friend when the damsel is in distress, and struggling to keep his love for the pregnant NRI under the wraps at times when emotions threaten to break out into the open. We have seen actor Parambrata Chatterjee act flawlessly, we have appreciated him honestly.

The actor doesn’t mind not being the ‘hero’ of Sujoy Ghosh’s ‘Kahaani’. Instead, he is only too happy to declare Vidya and Kolkata as the lead pair of the film, and is not bothered one bit in relegating himself to the background. His performance has won the hearts of his critics; his Bengali-accented Hindi has helped in providing an honest portrayal of his character. Parambrata chooses the designation of the ‘heroine’ for himself, and is overwhelmed by the fact that his maiden venture in Bollywood has created such ripples in the hearts of the viewers.

‘Kahaani’ has proved a hurricane of sorts as far as the Box Office is concerned, and its success is here to stay. For the film is not just about a hero and a heroine; it is about role reversals, breaking of stereotypes, turning clichés inside out, a woman’s journey, and the way she carves a niche for herself in the male-dominated mentalscape of the society. The wheels of Arjun`s chariot continue rolling. And Satyaki is always there on the charioteer’s seat.