Vivek Oberoi surprises fans by speaking several languages

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Vivek Oberoi has a flair for languages. Born to a Tamil mother and a Punjabi father, Oberoi has always been keen to pick up as many languages as possible. Recently, when Oberoi was in London to promote Black, a band that consists of blind musicians, the audience requested him to say a few lines from his yet to be released film ‘Rakta Charita’.

What took Vivek by surprise that his South Indian fans asked him to speak up in Telugu. And the charmer that he is, Oberoi obliged his fans by saying a few words in the language. He thanked his driver Mohan in public for helping him learn the language. . Vivek`s father Suresh Oberoi speaks fluent Telugu and Tamil. Now we know what makes Vivek love languages.

The actor will feature in Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Rakta Charita’, in three languages- Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. The film marks Oberoi’s comeback into the RGV camp.

"It`s more about acting than languages. Languages might change but the expression does not. The emotions are universal. It`s more like talking through the eyes," Vivek said while talking to a news daily.

Oberoi plays the lead role in the film and it is scheduled for an October release.