Acting does not excite me: Gaurav Kapur

Mumbai: Popular VJ Gaurav Kapur, who has had a tryst with Bollywood with films like `A Wednesday` and `Quick Gun Murugan`, says acting does not excite him.

Gaurav was a VJ with a popular music channel for six long years when movies beckoned him but he admits that he is not that keen on pursuing a career in acting.

"I am not big on acting. Working in films doesn`t excite me much. It is too long and consuming. You have to put in a lot of time and effort which I feel I can`t. I am not ruling out films but it will happen in some 4-5 years. As of now I am not working on any film," Gaurav told PTI.

"I want to enjoy performing rather than being on the big screen. The day I am told I am too old for all these and asked to leave, I will think of films," he added.

The VJ-actor, who himself has hosted travel shows, recently went on an extensive hunt for India`s first travel jockey for FOX Traveller`s new show `Freaky Traveller`. But he said he will never be part of travel shows again and is happy with his role as a judge.

Gaurav said he zeroed on Brij Bhakta because he had the crazy-weird attributes that were required for the show.

"The show is weird. It is not like the other travel shows. Out of 6000 online applicants, we had to select one. We were looking for someone who is as weird as the show and its judge. Brij was perfect."

Gaurav was 17 when he landed an opportunity to work with FM radio and soon after he turned to video jockeying. It was followed by a number of other outings like hosting events, writing columns, plays and also authoring a book on cricket.

"I think I have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). I love trying different things. I just perform, only the setting, the camera and the mic changes. I consider myself to be a story teller. I tell stories on different media, be it anchoring or writing columns," Gaurav said.

"My favourite by far was my stint as an RJ, mainly because it was my first job and I was very young. Being an RJ can be very challenging because there is no visual and you have to interact with the faceless audience. I also enjoy being on stage and interacting with the audience," he added.

Gaurav, who has been a part of the IPL from the second season, will be back as one of the hosts of the fifth season as well.

"I am back in IPL season 5 and will be seen rubbing shoulders with cricket greats and doing the same serious talk.

We will start shooting for the promos very soon. I don`t think India`s dismal performance in Australia will have any bearing on IPL`S popularity. In India, we forget very easily," he said.