Any girl would love to marry Salman: Shreyas Talpade

Mumbai: Salman Khan, who turned 47 Thursday, is called `bhai` by many, but actor Shreyas Talpade praises him and says any girl would love to marry him.

"Unfortunately, everybody calls him `bhai`! But his fan following is so huge that any girl would love to marry him. He is loved by one and all," the 36-year-old said here Wednesday at the launch of a video album named ‘Hogi Salman Ki Shaadi’.

Shreyas further praised the superstar`s philanthropic nature.

"He has done a lot for a lot of people and it`s not only the screen persona, but off-screen also. He is such a person, who is very kind to everyone, helps everyone and wants good for everyone," Shreyas said.

"Obviously people will think good for him. And I think any girl in India would give her right hand to get married to Salman," he added.