The Attack on Anna

I have started wondering if we are actually living in Alice in Wonderland?

The Attack on Anna
I have started wondering if we are actually living in Alice in Wonderland? An anonymous CD is given credence, Amar Singh is now touted as the last word in virtue, and Anna and his flock are expected to go scattering. <br><br> Since when do respectable news organizations take plants as page one leads? And, how does the government make available (very obligingly) state of the art facilities to vet the said CD. I hope the editor sent a thank you note to Mr Chidambaram. <br><br> I may be naive as Congress leader Digvijay Singh described Anna Hazare in his attack, but what exactly have the Bhushans done wrong? <br><br> Why, in this feral attack on Anna, is the Congress and the government's dirty tricks department in an overdrive while the BJP remains a mute spectator? (Is this an indication that in attacking Anna, the current idol of the nation, both the parties are one?) Also the unanimity across the political spectrum that a powerful Lok Pal Bill just like the Women's Bill is not wanted is astounding. <br><br> These then are leaders behaving like feudal lords. Not for a second wanting to let slip even the slightest bit of vested interest despite their tall talk. What hypocrisy? <br><br> And worse, some sections of the Media. Behaving like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland. Screaming off with their heads. Baying for Anna's blood, I just wonder at whose behest? <br><br> I applaud your courage Anna and your bunch. For carrying on and not giving in. For offering reasonable defence in the silly season. <br><br> I have one problem. Anna, why did you let Amar Singh and his one man circus back on our screens just when one thought it was safe to watch TV again. <br><br> P.S Would really request the Congress party to allow Amar Singh to join. He is trying so hard and really it is his natural home.

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